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Summer Mosquito Control: Protecting Your Family In Augusta

The warm seasons in Charlotte, North Carolina are ideal for outdoor activities. However, this enjoyment often comes with a buzzing nuisance: mosquitoes. Not only do these insects cause discomfort or itchiness from their sting, but they also have the potential to spread diseases.

By understanding how to control these mosquitoes, it can greatly enhance your time spent outside. Whether you are grilling in the yard or dining on the patio, the tips provided below will come in handy to ensure that these pests do not intrude and ruin what should be a good time for you and your family.

What to Note With Mosquito Control Augusta, GA

Charlotte is an excellent place for mosquitoes particularly during summer since it is characterized by high levels of humidity. These insects are mostly seen in the early morning and in the evening. You can simply opt for the timing where the mosquitoes are not active and this is an easy step with mosquito control Augusta, GA. You should also check the weather as mosquitoes are more abundant in warm and wet environments.

Useful Approaches for Mosquito Control Augusta, GA to Boost Recreation Enjoyment

A practical action towards containing mosquitoes would be the elimination of breeding sites. As mosquitoes lay their eggs in water that does not flow, the first action is to empty all vessels that can contain water in the compound. Put out used dishes for pets and turn them over, scrub bird feeders and baths at least once a week, and remove standing water from gutters.

It is also advised to have mosquito nets placed around the area where you sit most often, be it a porch or a patio. These nets offer very good protection if you would like to shun chemical barriers such as insecticide sprays. To enhance that, you can use fans, since the movement of air may help to prevent the mosquitoes from clinging on you.

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How to Plan Outdoor Events with Mosquito Control Augusta, GA in Consideration

The clothes decided for specific occasions do make a difference when it comes to the outdoors. Wear white or lightly colored clothing and avoid showing as much skin as possible by wearing long sleeves and long pants. Mosquitoes target dark clothing and may penetrate fabrics of loosely-knitted clothing.

Another useful piece of advice is to place plants that have mosquito-repelling properties around the house or garden. Some of the plant species such as lavender, marigold, and citronella are aesthetically appealing and they help to repel mosquitoes. Arranging these plants near your seating area will further beautify your outdoor space, all while repelling the mosquitoes.


Managing mosquitoes should be of paramount importance to make the outdoors in Charlotte NC enjoyable. In summary, let us tell you that it is always better to attack rather than defend when it comes to mosquitoes.

With some precautions put in place in your home and garden, and with the proper timing of when to go outdoors, you can freely enjoy all that Charlotte has to offer without being bitten constantly by the frustrating mosquitoes.

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