10 Best Side Dishes 2022

The 10 Best Side Dishes 2022 are all about variety. From traditional to creative, these side dishes will keep your meal interesting and flavorful!

With the relentless expansion of our planet’s population, there are more and more people who need food from all around world. In order for this to happen efficiently some things such as side dishes or extras must be taken into consideration when preparing meals so that every guest will get their fill without feeling left out in any way shape or form! Luckily with these 10 Best Side Dishes 2022 you’ll never again have problems choosing what goes best on your plate next time someone invites over then pays them visit themselves while also making sure they don’t run low before meeting up later – because now we know exactly how much everyone loves us.


The rich flavors of Greece are alive and well in this dish. A classic favorite, the fava dip is made from yellow split peas that have been cooked with onions alongside various spices until they become creamy smooth purée which forms its foundation to an unforgettable tasty treat!

This dish is believed to have been named after the Latin word “favus,” which means broad beans or fava bean. The food has never actually contained any favas, but it still bears their name because they are often served at Turkish taverns alongside this creamy dip and topped with onion pieces before being drizzled in olive oil on top of every serving!

Garlic Rice

There are multiple items available on the popeyes sides menu but Garlic is different among them. You can’t beat a heaping bowl of garlic rice to go with your chicken. It’s one of those side options from Popeyes that will have you mouth-watering and wanting more!

The fragrance of Well-seasoned and full-flavored garlic rice will make your hunger feel lighter. You can pair these garlic rice with red beans for an utterly delicious combination that’s perfect to enjoy on a cold day or night when you want something filling but not heavy, tasty yet healthy! As well as you can get more sides items Popeyes daily special to choose best for you.

Jeera Rice

Jeera rice is an Indian dish made with plain white long-grain rice and cumin seeds. The spices involved in the cooking process include black pepper, chili peppers (or deshi), ginger garlic, or laal maarika spice mix which can be purchased from your local grocery store’s produce section to enhance its flavor profile even more!

Cumin is a key ingredient in the cuisine of India and Pakistan. There are many dishes that use this spice, but one way to enjoy it orally would be by serving hot jeera rice with your favorite curry dish! The word “zeeray” comes from Hindi-Urdu which means cumin seeds so its easier just call them zeera instead if you’re having trouble spelling or remembering

Gallo Pinto

The Gallo Pinto or “pinto” for short is the traditional national dish of Costa Rica. The name comes from its signature phrase which translates to “this mixture” – referring to what you will find in every bite! This delicious meal consists mostly of rice with beans mixed into it alongside some fresh herbs like cilantro leaves and peppers but celery might be present too depending on how much time has passed since last night’s dinner scheme went down plan

This dish is a symbol of hope and good fortune. The name means “spotted rooster,” referring to its appearance when combined beans rice with other foods in Filipino culture

The food has been served as either breakfast sidekick or dinner replacement for centuries; it’s not just because they’re tasty! Filipinos believe these kind gestures bring bad luck if left uneaten by yourrival – so make sure you eat up before time runs out…


The Atchara is a Filipino dish usually enjoyed as more than just condiments, it’s also used in many dishes to add flavor. Alongside the unripe papaya are other vegetables such as carrots and daikon radishes but bell peppers or chili can be added too!

The most popular kind of Indian dish, atchara is a spicy-sweet relish that can be made from any combination or mix-and-match vegetables. These are often grated but more commonly julienned for an unusual crispy texture not found in other dishes with similar flavors profiles. The Relish starts out as marinade which combines vinegar, sugar spice like ginger garlic salt peppercorns before being poured over your chosen veggies then pickled until all the flavors develop into something you crave!

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