Office 365 Time Tracking Software

Office 365 is one of the most widely used applications in business. It comes with a number of features that help businesses stay productive. However, it doesn’t come with a built-in time tracking solution.

This is where third-party apps like Jibble can step in to help with tracking time on Office 365 applications. The app works by converting calendar events and meetings into time entries.


Using a time tracking software can help you manage your business’s work schedule. It also helps you avoid wasting time and money on tasks that don’t produce results. Additionally, you can get a clear picture of how long services take, which will help you set realistic expectations for your clients.

In addition to the obvious benefits of tracking time, it is a useful tool for project managers, who can use it to prioritize projects and improve team capacity. In addition, the system can help identify areas where employees are wasting time, such as multitasking or unnecessary meetings.

With timeghost, all activities in Microsoft products can be automatically logged, from working on documents to writing emails and even chatting in Teams. These activities can then be easily turned into time entries for your Office 365 timesheets. This way, you can get a clear overview of your time usage without having to manually create a report. It also allows you to track billable hours, generate accurate invoices, and improve productivity.


There are a number of integrations available for Office 365 to help improve productivity. One example is the Salesforce Office 365 integration, which helps sales teams spend more time building relationships with customers and less time on manual tasks. Another is the Microsoft & OnBoard integration, which allows board professionals to collaborate on both platforms. This eliminates the need to juggle platforms and provides a seamless workflow.

Another useful integration is with Microsoft Planner, a project management app that allows teams to track their progress in a visual way. Users can create a plan, build a team, assign and update tasks, and track pending approvals. Planner can also be used with other apps, including SharePoint, Microsoft To-do, and Teams.

There is an old saying that “lost time is never found again”. In the business world, this is very true. It’s easy to become distracted by email, meetings, and other distractions, which can have a huge impact on project delivery. The Timely for Office 365 Calendar integration makes it easier to focus on what is most important, while eliminating the need to multitask.


Office 365 time tracking software helps companies track employee work hours from a centralized platform. The tool also allows managers to view task updates, manage employee schedules, and monitor employee performance. Additionally, it allows employees to record time spent on different tasks and mark them as billable or non-billable. It also enables employees to export timesheets, create custom reports, and submit them for approvals.

The application offers a free trial period and a low cost per user. Its features include a web and mobile app that can track employee time for different projects. It also separates tracked time into non-billable and billable hours to assist in payroll management. It also integrates with Power BI to help users gain actionable insights.

The application also lets workers record time from Microsoft Outlook calendar events and Planner tasks. It can also convert these details into visual charts for easy understanding. Its seamless integration with 365 and Teams also enables it to send timesheets for Excel export.


Time tracking apps and software have become increasingly commonplace in the business world, and for good reason. They can help improve profitability by helping you accurately monitor task progress and provide a clear overview of the status of projects.

In addition to enabling you to track time on tasks, the software also helps employees manage their time and productivity more effectively. In turn, this can lead to higher productivity and more accurate project estimates. This information can be used to make better decisions about resource allocation and budgeting.

Another benefit of using a time tracking app is that it can help managers view task updates from a centralized platform and monitor employee work hours. It can also help you calculate billable or non-billable hours and create custom reports. Moreover, it allows employees to export timesheets in Excel, CSV or PSD formats and receive notifications on approvals. Employees can also create a user portal and access past timesheet entries.

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