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How to improve the appearance of walls

When people get bored of seeing the bare walls, they opt for wall paneling. It is long-lasting, easy to install, and increases the durability of the walls. Paneling is not a labor-intensive task, and it needs only a short time. The number of people who like to do wall panels in India is rising.

The most significant benefit of wall covering is that it is easily added to an existing structure to give it a new look. The panels cover uneven surfaces, add insulation, help to hide cables and provide an aesthetic appeal to the place.

How to install wall panels?

There are two ways to install the wall panels:

  1. The panels are screwed to the wall. It is for places that have straight and even walls.
  2. A-frame made of a metal grid is installed on the wall, and the panels are fixed to the grid.

Popular materials used for wall paneling

Wood: It is made from wooden planks of solid timber or products similar to wood. Sometimes they are designed to give a 3D effect.

Wainscotting: The panels are made from timber and man-made materials. Attractive patterns and designs are available in this type of paneling, and the decorative wall panels are installed in the lower portion of the wall.

Laminate paneling: This panel is made from a strong chipboard layer or wooden coating. The panels are used for roofs and partitions.

Medium Density Fibreboard: MDF panels are durable and stylish because medium density fibreboard is made with wood shavings that are dry pressed and bound with a resin binder at high heat.

Metal: Metal panels are used in modern rooms to give a sleek appearance. Steel, aluminum, and copper are the metals used for making durable wall panels.

Fabric: Cloth panels are excellent for sound-proof rooms used for entertainment and bedrooms. They are panels made of wood, padded with foam, and covered with cloth.

Benefits of wall paneling

Easy installation

Installing wall panels is easy because they have tongue-and-groove designs and clipping systems. Panels of the correct dimensions fit the wall perfectly.

Flexible design

Paneling provides numerous ways to cover the walls. Some wood panel designs are V-groove paneling, batten paneling, and board paneling. The panels can be painted in any way to suit people’s preferences.

Wall protection

Wall panels protect the walls and make them look attractive. Impact-resistant panels do not get scratches or dents. They can be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear.

Material choice

People made traditional wall panels using wood. Today wall panels are available in steel, aluminum, copper, veneer, MDF, and melamine. However, MDF and melamine panels are durable and impact-resistant, making them the best choice for high-traffic areas.

Camouflage unattractive features

Wall panels are a perfect option to cover damaged or flawed walls. They can cover rough and uneven walls and give the place an attractive look.

Easy maintenance

Wall panels do not require continual maintenance. They resist impact, and there is no fear of them getting scratches, marks, and indentations. There is no need for touch-ups and repairs.


Wall panels are durable even with minimum maintenance. They help extend the walls by protecting them from wear and tear. Fire retardant wall panels safeguard the place from fire accidents.

Decorative wall paneling ideas for the living room include using panels with intricate wood detailing, brass panels, copper panels, and sculptural wall paneling. The panels are available in all sizes and are installed directly on the wall. They accentuate the walls and enhance the aesthetics of the room. People can hide any defects in the wall using the panels.

Using wall panels in India has become very popular, and many people choose it because it lasts longer and requires very little maintenance. Once the panels are installed, they look as good as new for many years. Wall panels of different colors, designs, and features enhance the beauty of the place.

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