Direct Mail Software. How to Automate Your Mailing Campaign

The overuse of digital ads in marketing campaigns makes the brands reach the audience in old-school ways like using direct mail. Read on to learn how to use it effectively with the help of direct mail software solutions.

How to Expand the Sales Channels?

Every entrepreneur is looking for ways to expand sales channels. The problem is that the world of email marketing and personalized urls has become usual for the average consumer who would like a more personal, physical approach. That’s where an entrepreneur turns his attention to offline marketing strategies, one of which is direct mailing.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is the advertisements delivered with the help of postal mail. The delivery forms include postcards, brochures, and catalogs eg. While that may sound redundant, in reality, direct mail campaigns are highly targeted as you would know the address, purchase history, and demographics of an individual. That’s why the use cases of direct mail vary greatly from political promotion to advertising a certain product.

How Does Direct Mail Work?

The mechanisms of direct mail advertising are similar to its digital counterparts. The campaign usually consists of:

  • Market research of a client base
  • Creation of a memorable design
  • Writing appealing content
  • Regulation of size and weight for the typography
  • Mailing

In the US the most popular delivery service is USPS which offers quite affordable prices for shipment and mailing. It presents 3 ways to send mail that vary depending on your marketing needs.

What is Direct Mail Automation Software?

Direct mailing is indeed a cost-effective way to reach the audience. Still, traditional mail campaigns involve many time-consuming, expensive processes. One of the ways to change that is using direct mail software.

Direct mail software is the mail APIs that automate manual processes involved in a campaign and help with planning, delivery, and expansion of its sales channels. It allows the user to track deliveries, gather reachability information and reports, create templates for different scenarios, personalize mailers and optimize the planning of the campaign.

How Does Direct Mail Marketing Automation Help?

Using direct mailing software gives sufficient benefits to its user:

  • Processing Speed

An effective marketing campaign usually takes weeks or months before it ends. During this time you will receive a lot of user feedback and reports that would require you to change the design or content of a mailer immediately. The traditional direct mail approach means gathering a team that needs to discuss and approve the changes. Depending on the size of it and the level of bureaucracy involved, this can take from days to weeks while direct mail software can apply a corresponding HTML template and do this in minutes.

  • Reachability

Direct mail software allows you to track real-time deliveries, reports, and response rates more accurately. Having all of the information in one tool allows you to save up time on tracking lost and returned mailed mails, increase the accuracy of targeting and as a result improve the ROI.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The speed and reachability that direct mail software provides are already enough to optimize direct mail campaign costs, but it is capable of more. It lets you verify the delivery addresses and create templates for different demographics, thus reducing the losses even more.

What is the Best Direct Mail Automation Tool?

Some of the direct mail software tools can be integrated directly into CRM, making a direct mail as easy as sending an email. For example, Inkit Send is the ultimate way to build, send and automate data at any scale. It makes a direct mail campaign almost fully automated saving you money on hiring a team of specialists and managers. Direct mail marketing is already a great advertising tool, but Inkit Send can make it even better. Use a free trial to see the benefits of direct mail software for yourself.

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