What Do You Need To Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps?

Cross-platform applications are gaining more and more popularity every day. This is all thanks to the i-benefits and features that we will look at in this article, as well as find out what it takes to create such applications.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

What are cross-platform mobile applications?

Cross-platform mobile apps, also known as mashups, are apps developed in a common programming language that can be exported to run on any platform or device.

Among its main advantages

  • Easy and fast development with languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Reduced design and architecture costs.
  • Ability to work offline.
  • Adaptable to different types of projects and businesses.

They are recommended for companies or projects on a budget that wants to get to market quickly. In the US, for example, 74% of retail apps are hybrid. Hence the importance of knowing how to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

What do you need to create a cross-platform mobile application?

Many factors influence the development of cross-platform mobile applications. However, certain characteristics are always necessary to guarantee the highest quality end product:

Using agile methodologies

Agile methodologies for developing multi-platform mobile applications are those that allow you to tailor the way you work to the specific conditions and needs of the project, which provides flexibility, agility, and efficiency, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Before development begins, the business needs for the application must be clearly defined.

Thus, it is possible to complete the development and maintenance plan in the short, medium, and long term so that the final product has the specified functions.

UX/UI design

All aspects of the application being created are described with an assessment of the quality of the project. This is very important because it allows developers to understand what the final product should be.

This is critical to the quality of the project and is the only way to accurately materialize the client’s requirements.

Technologies and frameworks for application development

When it comes to developing cross-platform applications, Flutter technology is one of the best options. It is used by important systems such as Alibaba Group’s GrabMerchant, Nubank, and Xianyu, which have over 50 million downloads.

This is Google’s platform for developing cross-platform applications, introduced at the end of 2018. Among the many benefits it offers:

  • Fast development.
  • Expressive and flexible user interface that allows full customization.
  • native performance.
  • Cleaner development process.
  • Browser reloads functionality. That is, the application code is downloaded to the device immediately after the developer clicks the “Save” button.

These benefits translate into being able to launch the product in the market in a very short time, working with a small development team. This results in a significant reduction in development costs.

Testing and validation process

During the development of an application, several tests of the developed functions are carried out to perform corrective programming that may take place.

Finally, a complete development review process is carried out, in addition to programming, to ensure that all expectations from the final product are met.

Therefore, if you want to quickly enter the market and get a cool application, then cross-platform development is ideal for you. To learn more about development, we recommend checking out

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