Best Animated Movies to Watch on A Lighter Note

Long before your love for movies with real people in them kicked in, we are sure that all you watched before was something animated. In today’s world where people are head over heels for normal movies, there are still huge amounts of people who are still a geek for animated movies. Be it a Disney classic or some adaption of your favorite comic book. With Netflix being on the top of the charts for quite a long time, now might be the time for it to lose its throne with HBO Max’s collection of studio Ghibli movies or Disney+ bringing just the right variety of content for you. There is a huge number of great movies available for fans around the world in the animated category. So get watching with some of the great movies that can help you ease the stress out. Do remember that your internet may not be sufficient, so check with your provider and if you don’t have a suitable wireless connection, you could rely on the Mediacom Wi-Fi that provides both a seamless, constant and affordable connection for the customer who wants to stream, binge watch or need a good connection for daily use.

Here are 6 animated movies that top the list and will exceed your expectations:

Bee Movie (2007):

This un-bee-lievable story is the first one on the list. After learning about bee abuse at the hands of human humankind, Barry B Benson, a bee who has recently graduated, sets off to sue humans. That is not all! Another character of a woman, played by Renée Zellweger is a love interest of Barry and they end up going on a mission together. You need to watch the movie because it is a roller coaster ride and trust us you will not be disappointed. This movie did well, with a unique plot and star cast; it has won the hearts of many people around the world.

Children of the Sea (2020):

Studio 4°C and director Ayumu Watanabe brought us this amazing featured film and took us on a dive to explore the ocean. It is an adaption of a manga having the same name. This film shows us a story of a girl Ruka, a little girl. Ruka’s father works in an aquarium and Ruka befriends two boys named Umi and Sora. Dugongs raised the two boys in the sea. Ruka discovers many truths about the sky, the world, and her connection with the sea in the process. Ruka’s father is caught up with some mystery of disappearing fish. This animated movie is truly, what we call an emotional ride featuring music by the frequent collaborator of Studio Ghibli. The viewers will love it.

The House (2022):

This anthology brought to you by Nexus Studios for Netflix is a roller coaster ride portraying the three stories of fear, friendship, and tap-dancing insects that would win your heart. Enda Walsh writes this animated movie and it shows a great and interest-catching plot. It tells three different storylines and plots revolving around different worlds and individuals. The story revolves around a peasant family, which recently moves into a wealthy mansion. Amidst living in the dream house, they soon realize that it is much more than they signed up for. From a rat contractor to a group of cat renters followed by apocalyptic floodwater, which technically brings flood right in front of their doorstep, this animated movie is what we call a roller coaster ride with so many mixed emotions. This movie will truly keep you hooked until the very end.

In this Corner of the World (2016):

Directed by Sunao Katabuchi, In this Corner of the world is an animated movie with an exceptional plot. The story follows an 18-year-old lady and the challenges she faces in her life. She is married to a man she barely knows. The story is less about the battlefront and more about a crisis of a lady struggling to live elsewhere. This animated movie is an adaptation of the manga by Fumiyo Kōno. The movie is set in a town outside of Hiroshima and follows the adventure of an 18-year-old, Suzu, trying to get everything together in her life. This tragic movie not only shows a sad side of a war but also an individual trying to find the will to preserve the essence of life. In this Corner of the World have you so emotional and using tissues and it will make your heart swell.

Flavors of Youth (2018):

Next on our list is this co-production between China and Japan. This animated movie feels like a collection of loosely linked beautiful, tone poems which have been animated to create a sight. Flavors of Youth is an anthology classified into three parts that explores diverse experiences of youth, each located someplace in China. The way this story is being delivered might seem unusual considering it is an animated movie. However, the parts are equally emotional and nostalgic as it recollects the memories of their characters’ pasts, followed by the viewers recalling their memories.

A Whisker Away (2020):

Last but definitely not least, we have A Whisker Away on our list. Cats are generally considered good luck in the Japanese culture, this is the reason for the appearance of cats in many other Japanese animated films such as Studio Ghibli’s hits, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Whisper of The Heart, or The Cat Returns. You may consider these as the inspiration of Netflix’s animated movie, A Whisker Away. The sweet feline image of the movie is what will get you hooked at the very start. The story follows a teenage girl who possesses the special quality of turning into a cat. It is a story of the first love and the girl trying to get closer to the boy she is swooning over and embracing an identity that will leave you purring. For a movie about cats, it’s enchantingly human.

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