The Secret About Helium Antennas and How They Work

Helium Antennas are low-power and long-range smart devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) used to receive or transmit data from the internet to a decentralized wireless network. Miners provide coverage for the Helium Network and Helium Tokens (HNT) are used as incentives for the coverage that Miners provide. With the correct Helium Antenna equipment and installation, anyone can become a Miner.

How Does The Helium Antenna Work

The use of Helium Antennas cannot be oversimplified, and below is some information on want impacts hotspot connectivity and how does that relate to your earnings.

  • Hotspot Connectivity

The antenna path and gain affect your coverage. The antenna’s path is based on the transmission signal coverage which is impacted by the antenna’s gain (the ability to radiate to any extent in any direction). If the gain increases, its vertical path becomes narrow, i.e., the angle that the antenna can receive and transmit. If the vertical path is too low, it would lead to an undershoot or overshoot of hotspots to which you’re trying to connect.

  • Antenna and Hotspot Upgrades

When the Helium hotspot antenna has a lowered vertical path, it can always be upgraded. Upgrading to an external antenna with a higher gain will provide much better coverage for any Miner. The antenna could also be upgraded for outdoor use or have an option for cellular connection. It may be more expensive if you get the right antenna, but it basically pays for itself as it achieves better hotspot connections.

  • Boosts Earning Potential

Hotspot placement and Antenna strength are extremely compulsory for a Miner to boost his HNT Earning Potential. This is because the more they transmit and receive data via more Hotspots (using helium antennas), The more they earn HNT coins.

Matching the Antenna to The Helium Hotspot.

The quality of your antenna will impact the performance of your Helium Hotspot. You should be very vigilant not to get the wrong kind of antenna. Getting your Helium antenna installed by professionals is very important. They take topology, height and specific use into account before installation. Afterward, you can try to cross-check that the beam pattern is approved to be used in your area and that the antenna parts are sturdy and well joined so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, you can give yourself peace of mind by working with professionals. The following are a few antenna-to-helium-hotspot-location Matches.

  • Tall Building: a good example is a skyscraper. Use a 3dBi antenna
  • Suburbs: 3dBi to 5.8dBi antenna
  • Single-Storey House: 3dBi to 5.8dBi antenna
  • Double-Storey House: Get a 3dBi to 5.8dBi antenna
  • Wide Open Space: a great example is a farm. A 5.8dBi to 8dBi would be great.


The effectiveness of your Helium antenna is affected by various factors (like the height, the obstacles and the topography). It would be best to always remember that there is no universal helium antenna that fits everywhere. However, all the various kinds of helium antennas aim to help with hotspot connectivity and boost coverage. The Helium IoT Network keeps growing, and upgrades are made all the time. Ensure you do your due diligence and tap into all the perks that this wireless network has to offer.

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