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What is sewer cleaning and how it works?

Introduction of sewer system:

Sewer is a large underground system that transfers waste material and rain water to sewage treatment plant, where it is made harmless. The process of removal of unwanted material such as trash, leaflet, lubricant oil, plastic bags, deadwood, sand and blocks (tree roots) from the sewerage pipes is called sewer cleaning and the people who clean sewer system are called “manual scroungers” by the government.

How sewer cleaning works:

Sewer cleaners use different methods to clean sewerage system. Some of them use high pressure water to clear the blockage from sewer line, however the main sewer line is cleaned by the following steps:

Step 1:  They lose the cap of gutter. Use wrench for losing the cap.

Step 2: They open the cap of gutter and takes out the unwanted material.

Step 3: Put the plumber’s snake (a long flexible steel coil used for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes) into the drain pipe. Run the plumber’s snake into the sewer pipe until the clog is cleared, the level of water decreases slowly in the drain pipe and at last it will drain out completely.

Step 4: Pull the plumber’s snake out of the pipe.

Causes of sewer pipe damage?

Most common causes of sewer pipe damage are use of heavy machinery for construction, increase in the traffic, breakdown and corrosion of pipes.

Why sewer cleaning is important?

Cleaning of sewer lines is very important. If we don’t clean our sewer system regularly then we have to face the following problems:

  1. Cause health problems :

Waste material present in drain pipes contains germs, viruses and bacteria that can have serious effects on your health. They can cause many diseases such as Diarrhea, dysentery, skin infections, etc. Therefore by sewer cleaning you can protect yourself and your family from these harmful diseases.

  1. Bad smell :

When there is some blockage in sewage pipes, it stops the flow of water. In case of major blockage, the wastes can come back to your fleshes and wash basins .After some time this water starts to smell like rotten eggs. This smell affects us badly and we may experience headache, fatigue, eye irritation and shortness of breath. That’s why it is necessary to clean sewage systems from time to time.

  1. Overflowing of water :

If the drain is clogged then the water comes out in the streets. The overflow of this dirty water is a serious issue for the people passing through the street and especially for the habitant of this street. This accumulated dirty water is the best place for the mosquitoes to lay eggs.

  1. Effects our homes badly :

This accumulated water is very dangerous for our homes. This water in the streets effects the walls and floors of our house. This dirty water on entering in the rivers harm wildlife on large scale.


Sewer cleaning costs almost $170 to $510 .Hydro jetting costs almost $240 to $790. Cleaning of the main sewer line almost costs $160 to $510.However, sewer cleanout costs $610 to $2,000.

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