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How to Choose Memorable Paintings for Your Home

Many consider their home a refuge, a safe place to call their own. The objects we choose to add to our home and the way we decorate our interiors say a lot about who we are. Not only that, our home decoration can help us feel relaxed, happy, excited, or however we’d like. One can say that having works of art as part of your home decoration is a perfect way to elegantly complement your home decoration and set the perfect mood for your interior.

This article is meant to help you choose the most memorable paintings for your home. With these easy tips and ideas, anyone can choose the best work of art for their home, whether it be a piece from a local gallery or a reproduction of a famous painting.

Set a Budget

Avoid unpleasant surprises at checkout or when getting the next credit card bill by setting a budget from the get-go. By knowing how much you can spend in total, it becomes much easier to choose the perfect work of art for you. If you have a low budget, you might have to resort to prints. If you have a passion for famous works of art from history, a handmade painting reproduction can also be an affordable option as there are many companies specialized in this kind of service so you can paint your life to remember.

There can be additional costs required after making your purchase, like shipping and handling, framing, and installation fees in some cases. Every cost should be planned out when setting your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially when purchasing paintings for life.

Location, location, location

After defining the financial part, determine where you want to put your new work of art. The rooms in which you wish to hang your paintings will have a lot to say about what kind of painting you should choose. Each living space has a different function and a different mood, and therefore each will have more suitable artwork options to fit the environment.

For example, you wouldn’t want a busy and overly exciting painting in a room you wish to relax in, like a bedroom or a nursery. These spaces are best paired with calm and tranquil artworks of nature, certain religious themes, and even abstract pieces that can trigger a meditative state. On the other hand, a more exhilarating and dynamic piece of art can be an excellent fit for a living room or home bar, where people can meet, and the painting becomes a conversation starter.


An important factor in understanding the mood that a painting transmits, other than its theme and style, is in its color pallet. An artist can communicate any feeling or mood only by using colors, which ultimately has a significant effect when adding a painting to an interior. There is no need to study color phycology in-depth to know how to choose the best painting for your home. You can simply focus on cold or warm colors.

Warm colors are usually associated with summer and consist of yellows, oranges, and reds. They are mostly more energetic and dynamic. Cool colors are associated with winter and are represented by blues and greens, which can be more calming.

Work with what you have

Make the best out of your space. For example, the size of the room and the wall can play an important role in the decision of your memorable paintings. Large walls require larger artworks to create an impactful decoration. Or on the other hand, you can use a combination of smaller artworks to create a larger visual composition.

It’s also important to analyze if your room already has a theme or a prevalent color scheme. By creating harmony between the artwork and the room’s decoration, you’re sure to make your painting choice even more memorable.

Do your Research

Before purchasing your new painting, it is always good to do your research. Learn about the artist or company that is creating your memorable painting for life. Understand if this service you are about to pay for can take on a job when you say “paint my photograph”

Wall art can be much more than a one-dimensional piece of decoration. It can also be a statement of what you think and who you are as a person. One of the most unique aspects of art itself is the possibility to condense lengthy narratives or profound ideas into single images.

Paint your life uniquely by inserting yourself in a painting narrative filled with depth and meaning.


After going through all of these steps, don’t forget to ask yourself, “do I like this painting?”. After all, when you purchase a memorable painting for your home, it should be something you and your loved ones enjoy. Paint your life as you buy a new work of art.

Make sure always to analyze the paintings through your own filter. Observe it for more time and let your feelings and thoughts flow. When we hang a work of art in our home, it becomes something that we look at every day, so it is vital to understand your feelings towards a work of art before you make your final decision. After all, unique paintings for life are so much more than just decoration.

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