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How can you clean your room?


Cleaning is something that has a profound effect on our health. Your room reflects your mood, if your room is clean then it means you are a very clean and responsible person, but if your room is dirty and cluttered, it shows your carelessness and rudeness. Your cleanroom gives you peace of mind and refreshes your mood, which helps you to do what you love. That’s why you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of your room and keep things in their proper place. Cleaning my room is something that many people do with great interest and with full enthusiasm. Your cleanroom brings a lot of happiness and also good health.

How can you clean your room?

You need to change some of your habits to keep your room clean. If you take the time to put things in their proper place, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the room. Cleaning my room includes the following things, that we can do to keep our room clean.

  • Change your bed sheet:

You should change your bed sheet once a week even though you take a shower every night and take great care of cleanliness. Because thousands or millions of dead cells keep falling from our body all the time but every second, and if the bed sheet is not changed in time, the bacteria and other germs on it can cause many diseases like flu, cough, fever, etc and you may feel tired or restlessness.

  • Sending dirty clothes to laundry:

Whenever you change clothes, instead of throwing them around, hang them on the peg and send the clothes to the laundry after two or three days. Keep sweaters and coats etc. in a place where you will not have difficulty in finding them.

  • Clear surface mess:

Don’t throw anything around, when we start throwing things away, they become a pile of dirt.

  • Set clean clothes:

Fold the clothes and put them in the closet and take out only the clothes you need. Often more clothes come out in a hurry, so put them back immediately so that the clothes don’t fall apart again. Cleaning my room is a healthy activity that every person should do timely.

Keep all the clothes in this order so that you don’t have to worry too much about it, it will save your time.

  • Wiping window panes and mirrors:

If you have young children in your home, you may have their fingerprints on your windows or even more signs that put a bad impression. If the window pane itself is not clean, then the light that comes inside it will not be clear, you can use any cleaner to clean the window panes or other mirrors in a room like a mirror of a dressing table or some decoration pieces, and then dry it with a cloth. It shows my devotion to cleaning my room.

  • Sweeping or vacuum cleaning:

The room needs to be swept after setting and if there is carpet in your room then you can use a vacuum cleaner for better cleaning. Also, remove all debris from under the bed and side tables.

  • A dusting of furniture:

As we know that the wind is everywhere and it also brings dust with it and the broom also gets a lot of dust on things. That is why it is important to clean everything in time to keep your room clean.

  • Arrange a dustbin in your room:

There should be a basket in your room so that if you eat anything, you throw the wrapper inside the dustbin, instead of throwing it around.

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