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Boon Flair high chair review

The Boon Flair high chair comes with a modern design, and is a fun way to feed your baby. This seat is heavier than most other seats we have tested, but that is fine because you can roll it, so the extra weight is never really a problem. One of the most notable features of this high seat is the air-conditioning we come with. The pneumatic lift makes it easy to adjust the height of your table. Another great feature of this high chair is that it is made of durable materials and does not feel as cheap as other high seats in the market. It is also important to note that this high chair is not foldable, so if you are short on space in your house or would like to keep it, this high chair may not fit properly.

Boon Flair Design

The Boon Flair chair has a very unique look. If you have a modern design it may be the perfect fit for your kitchen. We can find it very effective in an open-minded kitchen, or in a kitchen with a central island. No matter what your kitchen is designed for, this high chair may suit your needs.

When you first see the Boon it sounds like you are looking to the future. It has a clean and smooth design. It comes in very nice colors and is very easy to use. Only two main buttons, foot brake and length adjustment, are the most effective upper seat.

Although it comes with a very clean design, it does not come with any padding to make it comfortable. This may seem like a nice thing because it makes the upper seat really easy to clean. On the other hand, it can create tension in your teen’s mind if he or she is sitting on a high chair for a long time.

Pneumatic Lift – Lift Easily

The pneumatic lift boon high chair is one of our favorite things. This makes it easier to raise or lower the upper seat. If you have a kitchen with a dinner table, as well as a central island or breakfast table, this will come in handy. Many high chairs come with the ability to adjust the height, but it usually involves getting your hands dirty. By raising the Boon air, you will not break a sweat by changing the height of your high seat.

Easy to use

We found the Boon high chair very easy to use. It comes with wheels under the base so it is easy to move if you have solid wood, tile, or solid flooring. It may not work well if you have a carpet. Being able to move a high chair helps. Since this high seat is heavier than most, it is best to go with these wheels to make it easier to move.

We also liked the fact that you can remove the seating pad. Once the seat pad is removed it is much easier to clean. You can even take a chair pad to the sink to wash it with hot water to get rid of hard spots. Another nice feature is that the tray comes with a nice tray liner so you don’t have to wash the whole tray. Simply remove the tray liner and throw it in the dishwasher to clean it thoroughly.

Useful Foot Brakes

Once you have found the right place to sit on a high chair you will love the foot brakes. The Boon top seat is fitted with an easy-to-use footbrake. These foot brakes look really good when your hands are full, and you usually do well all the time.

5 Point Harness

The 5 point safety harness was very strong and comfortable in our experience. Also, his fix is nice and easy. One of the things we found with the harness is that it becomes difficult to remove food from the cracks in the harness when it falls there. Other than that the harness is very good and easy to use.


The Boon high chair is recommended for use for up to 4 years and has a weight limit of 50 lbs. Seat height is between 21 ”and 25” and the base width is 24 ”. If you actually put your hands on the Boon you will notice that it is bigger than your high chair. This means you need to have enough square image in your kitchen to have this high-rise chair.


Item Quality

The seat is made of very strong material and feels strong when you touch it. While the pneumatic lift is nice to have, there are many complaints about how difficult it is to use. We did not have any problems with our lift while testing it, but there are a few complaints about how difficult it is to go down.

There were also many complaints about the non-compliant tray. When we checked it the tray looked good, but we only checked it one day. Parents who have used this product daily have had a slight negative reaction to the tray.

Footrest Not Available

When we put our test child in Boon we noticed that he had not reached the rest area of the foot. After digging into the article we found many negative reports about this issue. The problem is that the boon has a length adjustment but no foot rest adjustment. So when it comes down to it, foot rest is not used. This can be a problem if your child will be in a high chair for more than half an hour.

Best Use

The Boon top chair is best suited for a modern kitchen with over a square size. This high chair is large and is only suitable for large kitchens. This high chair will work well for those who have multiple tables in different heights. This high chair will not work well for anyone who has to climb up the stairs as it is bigger and heavier than most high seats.

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