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All Things You Need to Know About Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is deemed as the Indian science of direction that proportions the Broad five elements of planets, nature, and other higher energies. It provides various guidelines and ideas by incorporating astronomy, art, and astrology to assist in constructing beneficial living spaces, especially homes. 

So, you will get various vastu tips for home to avoid negative energy. Moreover, it helps you in finance, health, and happiness. So, a Vastu consultant would be the best option for you to get these things. 

If you expect your surroundings or home to contribute towards growth and prosperity, you should follow Vastu’s tips for home. These tips will help you eliminate any rising issues and ensure that your home works in your favour.  

What is Vastu Shastra? 

The word Vastu refers to the house, and Shastra means teaching. Therefore, Vastu Shastra can be described as the science of architecture or living. Although this science is an ancient science, it is still used nowadays. Most people use these Vastu tips for building or remodelling their homes or parts of their homes. Doing such acts will ensure that no Vastu Dosh (problems) may make your life unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Currently, Vastu Shastra is famous all around the world. This is because the universe requires harmony and peace, which is the main application of Vastu Shastra, as it promises good wealth, health, and happiness in life. 

Basic Principles Of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra nowadays is not completely different from that practise in old times. However, various things in Vastu Shastra have been modified along with some approaches per the modern age needs. Moreover, the main idea of the present-day vasta Complaint architectural construction is the same as that of the ancient one inherited from the Vedic Sutras.

The main elements of the modified Vastu are the direction and structure shapes.  The configurations or shapes can be square, rectangular, wheel-shape, or bar-shaped, among various shape configurations. Moreover, you can contact Vastu Consultant Online to get more information. 

The main directions in Vastu are North West (Air), Nyruthi– South West (Earth), Vayavya –Agneya – South East (Fire), and Eesanyam – North East (water). Besides these components, other 13 principles are include: furniture requirement, aspect, economy, prospect, elegance, privacy, flexibility, roominess, sanitation, circulation, grouping, and other practical appreciations, which are utilise while scheming a configuration.

Benefits Of Vaastu Shastra

The primary benefits of Vastu are that it ascertains a connection between life quality and the physical environment. Hundreds and thousands of books have been written and publish on this concept. Moreover, such books have become an important part of the academics of construction and modern architecture institutes.

This realisation provides another grounding stone to the revolution in construction. This is because most people desire to live in Vastu-establishe houses; hence, modern-day house developers and architects use this ancient practice in their work. Even so, it would be best if you search for a Vastu Expert near me to get information about your house. 

Is Vastu Shastra effective?

Vastu Shastra is highly effective as it has a good connection with the science of house construction or other structures to assure that the benefits of harmonics and peace continuously flow in a property. This, in turn, leads to the use of inhabitants or property owners with success and growth in their lives. The main objective of the Vastu applications and principles is to get various useful advantages that will favour inhabitants of a Vastu-compliant home. 

The efficiency of a Vastu science is that if all the principles associate with the direction and alignment of your room and the household items placemats are appropriately in combination with the advice of a Vastu consultant, various benefits such as getting positive energy around your home and surrounding, eternal prosperity and peaceful relationship, along with success in your opt field will occur in your life. 

Vastu Shastra plays a significant part in establishing a building and confirming a room’s character and dimensional features about sizes, lengths, and breadth. Moreover, it ensures that the construction uses various positive cosmic energies to its capacity. 

Vastu will be much more effective when building formation obeys both modern and traditional viewpoints in corporation right and perfect direction principles as recommend by the science of Vastu Shastra. Evaluating the Vastu Shastra application is inevitable base on its various advantages. 


Vastu Shastra is an ancient science; however, it is still practised in modern days while constructing any building or home. It would be best if you got in touch with a Vastu Expert to learn more details about your construction. Moreover, this Vastu science is very important for those who follow it as it will keep negative energy away from them. 

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