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6 Interior Building Design Mistakes To Avoid: Don’t Commit No.5 Ever!

Have you got yourself your dream home recently? Well then, congratulations are in order. Now that you have a home of your own, you will make plans to shift instantly. But wait, simply having a house will not be sufficient enough. You need to install the correct furnishings and apply the paints of your desire.

You must know that the concept of designing your interiors is not as easy as it seems. It requires proper understanding and planning about various aspects defining and speaking for your home. Everything plays a significant role in making or breaking your interior’s beauty, starting from the paints, lighting, decors, furnishings, etc.

If you are struggling with the entire design procedure, we’d suggest you get professional help. With the best Mount Martha Building Design professionals by your side, you will get the best guidance to make your interiors more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Experts will analyze and assess your home to suggest designs that will optimize your interiors.

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7 Mistakes of Interior Building Design that You Need to Avoid

  • Why is Good Interior Design Crucial for Your Home?
  • Living or Drawing Room
  • Dining Space
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • To Conclude

Interior Building Design Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

You don’t have to hire a professional interior designer to design your home. Despite not being a professional designer, you can learn some techniques to give your home a complete makeover. Who knows, someday it might become your hobby too!

And for designing your interiors like a pro, you will not require professional architectural outlines. You can simply sketch on your own and place your desired things accordingly. But wait, as a non-professional, you might tend to make inevitable mistakes. So, we are here to provide you with a thorough guide so that you can plan out everything nicely.

Through this article, you will learn why designing your interiors is crucial. And further, you will also learn about the design mistakes in each room of your residence. Come, let’s dig in.

Why is Good Interior Design Crucial for Your Home?

Designing your sweet home’s interiors helps introduce a perfect blend of style, comfort, and elegance. Having a well-designed interior provides you happiness, lining up with your expectations and lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons why having a good interior design for your home is crucial.

  • It intensifies the overall functionality of your home.
  • It improves the quality of life and speaks for your habits and lifestyle.
  • Cost-effective in the long run when you think about selling off your home.
  • Safe and secure space, especially for children and elders.
  • It provides a positive vibe and acts as a perfect mood lifter.
  • Allows you to create a magnificent first impression in front of your visitors.

Now that you know the importance of interior design, it’s time for you to learn about the mistakes to avoid. In the following section, we will be categorizing each room in every segment and discussing the design mistakes to avoid. Let’s begin:

Living or Drawing Room

Your living room is the first space that you can enter through the front door of your residence. It has to be designed in a way so that it delivers a soothing effect as soon as you enter. Some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid in your drawing room are:

  1. It’s not a showroom, so don’t use monotonous furniture.
  2. Since this is the first room from your entrance, don’t use an improper layout. It degrades the first impression of your visitors.
  3. Don’t purchase a basic sofa set and push it towards the fall to face the television.
  4. Never put rugs that are way smaller than the size of your furniture. It makes the design of your room look highly unbalanced.
  5. Make sure you don’t overload the walls of your room with excessive accessories.
  6. Don’t restrict to two windows within the room. Make sure there is enough air circulation and not stuffy and suffocating.

Dining Space

The dining space is an integral part of your whole residence. It is where you sit together with your family to eat your meals. So make sure it is instilled with the proper furnishings and layout. Some design mistakes that you need to avoid for your dining space are:

  1. Never forget to put any personal touch and make it look lifeless.
  2. Don’t forget to put ergonomic seating arrangements.
  3. Please don’t ignore the lighting, as it plays a significant role in creating a seamless dining experience.
  4. Don’t overstuff your dining table with excessive utensils.
  5. Never hang chandeliers and ceiling lamps too low.
  6. Hanging the same colour curtains as the walls will make your dining space look bleak. Try some contrasting colours instead.


After returning home from a long and tiring day at work, the bedroom is the only place you find comfort in. Some designing mistakes that you need to avoid in your bedroom are:

  1. Don’t hang up long curtains in your bedroom.
  2. Don’t use the same paint on the four walls. Try putting some contrasting colour or pattern on one of the four walls.
  3. Never place a huge bedside table.
  4. Don’t forget to apply the correct window treatments to allow light passage during the day.
  5. Never overload with excessive furniture. It makes movement within the room very difficult.
  6. Don’t install a wardrobe with hinged doors since it requires lots of space. Put sliding doors instead.
  7. Avoid costly bathroom renovations with a self-contained SaniCOMPACT upflush toilet. You can easily remove the old one and fit in the more efficient new toilet. That is because it is designed to adjust to your existing plumbing and electrical supply. With this, you can save on plumbers’ professional installation fees and even cut your water usage.


The place where you cook all the delectable food requires proper design and maintenance. Here are some kitchen design mistakes for you to avoid.

  1. Don’t paint the walls with primary and dull colours.
  2. Try not to paint the cabinets with dark colours, making the space look smaller.
  3. Don’t keep washing machines and dryers in the kitchen.
  4. Never lower the ceiling of your kitchen.
  5. Try not to use wallpapers in the kitchen as it reduces the functionality.
  6. Don’t install open cabinets as it makes your kitchen space look untidy.


The last but not the least important room of your home. A bathroom should have the correct furnishings. Some bathroom design mistakes that you need to avoid are:

  1. Never forget to put insufficient lighting just because it is a small space.
  2. Don’t put shiny tiles as it increases the chances of slipping.
  3. Try not to place the mirror very high on the wall.
  4. Don’t use various colours to paint the walls as it can be overwhelming.
  5. Try not to leave the wires exposed.
  6. Never place the door of the bathroom in front of the toilet.

Designing bathrooms can be a tricky experience for many because it’s not a place that requires excessive decorations and arrangements. The best thing to do is to keep things minimal and prioritize functionality above all else. Besides choosing the best cabinets and mirrors, selecting the most appropriate sanitation systems is critical.

Regardless of the aesthetics of your bathroom, macerator pumps will be life-changing. This disposal system is extensive and intricate but never space-consuming. The grinders can snuggly fit behind toilet seats, and the pipes can hide behind the tiles. This innovative system will not get in the way of impressive bathroom interior design.

To Conclude

The design mistakes mentioned earlier shall be helpful, and we hope you will avoid these mistakes. So wait no longer and go ahead to design the home of your dreams. But before that, get an idea of the price estimation for interior design.

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