Six Jobs That Give Back to Your Community

People pursue careers for different reasons. Some are motivated by money and seek to build a career where they can amass as much cash as possible. Others want to make a splash, becoming well-known in their field for their competence and achievements. Others still want to make a difference, giving back to their community through their labor. This article is aimed at that latter group, sharing six jobs that’ll help you achieve fulfillment by delivering a service for the people around you. 


The obvious place to start is in healthcare, where there’s forecast to be a shortage of both nurses and doctors in the coming years. This is a field in which a demanding college or university course – either in medicine or nursing – must be undertaken before you’re allowed to treat and care for patients in hospitals or clinics. That work, which can take years to complete, will make you a competent and effective healthcare worker, able to give back to patients around the world. 

If you’re interested in building up a career in healthcare, it’s worth looking into the testimony of those who have gone before you. There are hundreds of books by active and former healthcare workers that detail the ups and downs of the job, in terms of success stories as well as the challenges that are part and parcel of this career. If you feel it’s a career you’d like to pursue, find yourself a university or college course and get training. 

Care Work

There’s another side to healthcare that’s often overlooked, and that’s the care industry. Another field that’s forecast to grow rapidly, demanding more and more workers, the care sector is all about serving the elderly and those who have more trouble dealing with the challenges of everyday life. You can specialize here to suit your own motivations. You might be interested in giving back to the older generation, or you may instead be motivated to help young people in care build up their lives and find success in adulthood.

Whatever your motivation, you’re sure to find rewarding and fulfilling work in the care sector. There are care roles that don’t require you to have a specific qualification, but in most states, you’ll need to have completed some studies to show you’re competent. The online PCA certification training program is designed to get people ready for a job in care – and could be your ticket to a meaningful career giving back to those in need. 

Community Leader

Every community needs its leaders. Some of these are informal, finding a place for themselves in the local community by helping people with their problems. Others are more formal, with job roles in youth centers and local community centers in which local people will gather, often with problems or issues to work through. Being a community leader is to be a hub for your neighborhood, being across the issues your neighbors face, and being a supportive presence when they need assistance. 

Becoming a community leader is often something that people slip into, especially if they have a tendency to enjoy caring for others. Still, if you’re someone who would enjoy caring for others in your local community, be that a small-town center or a larger district facility, you’ll be able to forge a career for yourself by looking into local schemes that serve the local population. That could be anything from a gardening initiative to a program designed to help young adults into work. 

Emergency Services

We’ve already touched upon healthcare, but there are two other emergency services that, as the title suggests, are all about serving communities. One is the police force, and the other is the fire department. Both train committed individuals to help people in a variety of different scenarios, keeping the local community safe while also ensuring that vulnerable people always have someone to turn to if they’re in trouble. 

Training as either a police officer or a member of the fire brigade takes guts and dedication. This is a challenging career that will expose you to difficult scenarios on a weekly basis. The training is as grueling as it is rewarding. But at the end of the training process, when you receive your badge, you’ll be a qualified member of a community of people with the purpose of keeping people in the community safe and happy. 


Nothing can be more rewarding than passing knowledge and lessons on to the younger generation. With each new class that passes through your supervision, you’ll be helping raise and tutor the next generation of scientists, sportspeople, and artists – all of whom will take something from your devotion to their development and will remember you long after they’ve left school themselves. 

Training as a teacher is something anyone can do. If you love helping younger children, a career as an elementary school teacher could be the perfect match. Meanwhile, if you’re someone with a specific subject that you love to teach and involve yourself in, a high school might be the right environment for you. In both cases, you’ll get that special feeling of helping young people realize their potential. 


While politics might be a dirty word among many people, being a local politician needn’t carry with it that disdain. In fact, local politics is often more about service than partisan issues, as you’ll be devoted to solving real local issues that don’t usually cut along bipartisan lines. Think here of such local issues as regeneration projects and running local fairs, or helping to get the trash cleaned off the streets. 

While this is the sort of role in which you might not be thanked, it’s certainly something that’s essential for local communities. Helping make a real, fundamental change to your local areas and directing local and federal funding towards your community’s objectives can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It’ll help you truly give back to the people that you serve. If you’re interested in finding out more about aged care homes in Melbourne make sure you check out Medical & Aged Care Group.

These six careers are all perfect for those who’d like to give back to their communities while working.

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