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Why are brass kitchen handles so popular?

Kitchen cabinet handles seem to be the least essential addition, but don’t forget they are the most used items in the kitchen. They add extra interest to your kitchen, whether it is new or remodelled. Today, kitchen cabinet handles are available in a huge variety of designs, shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. For a long time, polished chrome and stainless steel dominated the handle market. Several people have employed white designs with silver accents to attain a crisp and complementing style. But many companies are leaving that in the past and reintroducing 1970s brass kitchen handles into households.

Choosing brass handles can be a great solution if you are also looking for ways to spice up your kitchen. However, if you are wondering what is so different about brass and why it is getting immensely popular these days, continue reading!

Brass’s Attractiveness

You can’t help but notice this metal’s dazzling gold appearance when you first glance at it. Copper and zinc are utilised to make this non-ferrous metal, which looks stunning as it gives the metal a bright, flashy look. It combines the most outstanding qualities of both elements, creating a metal with a high melting point and greater malleability.

Brass is frequently used in decor because of its increased qualities and appealing aesthetics. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance means you won’t need to worry about the metallic lustre fading very soon. These factors also contribute to its widespread use in kitchen cabinet handles.

The market also offers brass in a variety of shapes. For instance, you may spend money on antique brass, which, while pricey, can give your kitchen a distinctive appearance. However, polished brass is an option if you want to save money but still want the look and functionality of brass.


One of the brass’s main benefits is its extreme durability. People typically think of strength when they think about kitchen handles. Since brass doesn’t tarnish over time and keeps its shine for a long time with little maintenance, brass handles are synonymous with this quality. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that coatings for brass endure 300% longer than those for zinc.


No matter what style you desire for your kitchen, brass knobs are a terrific place to start! Brass complements a wide range of colours thanks to its brilliant gold appearance, enabling you to achieve the ideal colour harmony in your kitchen. They complement marble and hardwood work surfaces nicely with neutral kitchen colours.

Easy maintenance

Brass requires less upkeep, which is a significant benefit. Solid brass contains copper, which prevents the growth of germs and bacteria, making it an easy-to-clean material for cabinet handles. As a result, it won’t get filthy too quickly and can be easily disinfected. And if cleaning is necessary, you can simply wipe it down.

Classic Design

There is no better material if you like classic designs than brass! A brass kitchen cabinet handles almost always brings out the best in any colour. When you install these handles in your kitchen, you’ll be transported back in time, and your room will have that sought British vibe. Not to mention, adding brass handles to your kitchen cabinets guarantees that the design of your room will remain classic for many years to come. Since you won’t need to replace them even if you fully renovate your kitchen, they are also a one-time investment.

Choosing the brass kitchen handles

Now that you understand how polished brass handles can add flair to kitchens, it’s time to discover how to make decisions. You can choose the best brass kitchen handles simply by keeping the design factor in mind. There are many styles available on the market, so try to picture how the handles would look in your kitchen. Your choice of polished brass handles will also play a significant role in your decision. Do you prefer a single-handed type? Or would you like to have two handles? While making your choice, remember to consider your existing decor of the kitchen and how the handles will look with the other components in your kitchen.

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