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What To Look For In A Good Food Mixer

Are you looking for a product that will make your kitchen work easy as a piece of cake? Prepare the ingredients by choosing a kitchen mixer or food mixer that will offer you a wide range of functions at multiple price ranges that will satisfy your budget and cover all your requirements.

A food mixer will drastically reduce the time taken for whipping lip smacking meals and this is the primary reason why food mixers are an absolute requirement for your kitchen and this will make your life way easier.

If you stay in Malaysia, Singapore, then you must be aware of the food mixers in the market. You can easily select from the wide variety of stunning and technologically advanced food mixers available in the market.

How will you choose the right food mixer?

With so many food mixers available, it can be hard to find the most suitable and perfect model to fulfil your cooking and baking needs. Everyone is space conscious nowadays, and due to the availability of so many kitchen products in the market, everyone tends to find space to fit each one of them into a single kitchen.

Food mixers are a must-have product so you should always look for a compact food mixer model but you should not compromise on its efficiency as well.

The average and ideal model must contain 3 liter capacity which can range up to 7 liters of capacity depending on your personal utility. Various speed options are also available in advance models of food mixers; choose a model with 5 speed options that will help you mix different ingredients at different speeds as some food preparation might require granulated mixing whereas, some requires fine mixing of ingredients.

High functional food mixers with a lot of capacity (like 7 liter) also work as a kneader and a whisker. Thus, these food mixers not only fulfil the basic cooking aspects, but also take care of different processes as well.

What additional features to look for in a food mixer?

It is surprising how versatile food mixers are nowadays. You can either use it in baking a cake or utilize its capability of whisking to increase the speed of food preparation. No matter what the purpose is, food mixers are there to help you with your food or ingredient preparing chores with absolute ease.

Find a food mixer that has a strong and sturdy built that will provide you durability in case of tough usage along with performance and functionality.

Look out for the accessories that come along with it, for example, a bowl, beaker, dough hook, and whisker. Also, check the wattage and the electric consumption before purchasing a food mixer. It can also come with a citrus juicer, blender, food processor, and many more so that you can accomplish all the culinary requirements through one product.


Normal food mixers range from MYR 700 and can range to MYR 1500 according to its increasing utilities. Go and grab your personal food mixer and make your kitchen life smooth and easy.

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