What Is Your Body Shape And Can It Hinder You From Losing Weight?

Besides a beautiful outlook, your body shape also says much about your health. Several factors make you gain extra pounds. They include genetics, lifestyle choices, hormonal influences, and diet, exercise, and stress levels. If you are already overweight, start by determining your body so you can choose the best weight loss strategies. There are great options to help you shed off the unwanted mass regardless of your body shape, such as exercises, a healthy diet and detox treatments.

Types of body shapes


Apple body shape means you gain weight around the mi-section and the hips. The upper body is more significant than the bottom, and you may feel slender when you look at your lower limbs. This shape tends to develop in men as they age. But even women are not spared, especially if they do not exercise, take excessive alcohol or observe their diet.

The best way to keep fit is through weight training, cardio workouts, and activities such as jogging, cycling, and swimming. Also, take a diet rich in fiber and protein and minimize carbs. Above all, take fruits and plenty of water and check for other weight loss options. The apple body shape tends to lose weight faster when you stick your weight loss strategies.

Inverted Triangle

Someone with an inverted triangle shape has broad shoulders that narrow around the waist. Famous models have this shape, and it gives them an athletic look. It is a beautiful shape as long as you can keep the muscles proportional. The good thing is that tall people with a triangular shape have a high metabolism. But like any other person, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can make them overweight.

If you have this shape, the ideal exercises include squatting, lunging, and stepping into building and strengthening your core and the lower body. A rich protein diet can help maintain a healthy weight and shed off the extra mass.


The pear body shape is the opposite of the apple body shape. This means you are heavy on the lower part of the body. The fat accumulates on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Unlike the visceral that gets in other body parts, the fat on the lower part of the body is subcutaneous, which is less dangerous. However, you should to work out and take advantage of to lose weight because too much lower body weight can cause health problems such as osteoarthritis. Best exercises include strength training, power training, and running plus.


This body shape is also known as a banana, straight body, or ruler shape. People with this shape have weight distributed proportionately, including in the abdomen. Use strength training on the lower body and shoulder muscles if you want more curves. Combine these exercises and a healthy diet, and you will shed extra pounds.

Now that you know your body shape works out to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, work out, eat a healthy diet and use detox treatments. Let nothing stop you from having your dream body regardless of your body shape.

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