Learn To Access Raiderlink in 2022

The online campus connection that connects you to the resources you need to fulfil your responsibilities at Texas Tech University is called Raiderlink.

Access to Registrar resources including as class registration and grading, TechMail, announcements, your leave status, Transportation & Parking Services, and a great deal more may be gained through the TTU Raiderlink site. It is the one stop you need to make for all of your requirements, both on and off campus.
Instructions for logging onto TTU’s RaiderLink. Read More

To log onto the Texas Tech raiderlink site, please do the following:

Proceed to by using your web browser.
Enter your ttu eRaider login.
Enter password.
The next step is to log in by clicking the blue “Sign In” button.
Raiderlink login page.
TTU Raiderlink login page.
Make sure that you sign in using your ttuRaider login or your ttuHscRaider username, or your email address with the domain.  Read More

Instructions for creating a new eRaider account

Your eRaider account serves as the electronic identity that you need to use at Texas Tech University. You will only need to remember one login and password in order to access the vast majority of TTU’s electronic resources; these credentials will allow you to do so electronically.

If you are a student at TTU, there is a good chance that you already have an eRaider account. This is because accounts are created mechanically depending on whether or not you are affiliated with the institution. In order to set up the account, you will need to use the setup code that was supplied to you.

If you do not have a set-up code, check your non-Texas Tech email account(s) for a message from or from the Texas Tech staff member who manually authorised your account, or contact IT Help Central so that your code can be resent to you. Alternatively, you can check your Texas Tech email account(s) for a message from If the message is not in your inbox, check the “junk” or “spam” folder on your email client.

If you were unable to find a set-up code, it’s possible that your account is already activated. If you’ve forgotten your password, you may try to reset it by going through the “Forgot Password” process.

Create an account on eRaider by following these steps:

Go to, then click the “Set Up Account” button when you get there.
Enter the information that was required, and then click the Confirm button.
Take some time to go over the “Terms of Use” declaration. If you accept the conditions, please click the “I Agree” button.
It is possible that you will be required to explicitly specify your biographical information in order to use your account if it was manually authorised by a staff person rather than being automatically authorised by the Banner/eRaider procedures. If you are requested for this information, carefully put it in, and then click the Continue button.
On the screen for setting up eRaider, you will be asked for contact information. This information will only be used to assist you in resetting your password in the future or to notify you of activity on your account. After you have provided a contact phone number as well as an alternative email address, click the Continue button. In order for you to proceed, you will need to provide a contact phone number.
After you have completed the step before this one, the eRaider system will email verification codes to the contact sources that you provided. Look for the code (or codes) that were provided to you on the phone you mentioned as well as the secondary email account you have. On the eRaider setup screen, enter the code (or codes) into the relevant areas, and then click the Continue button.
Please choose a password of your choosing that is secure and complies with the criteria. After that, hit the Continue button. You will not be shown the password again; thus, it is important that you choose a password that you will be able to recall.
Examine and give your stamp of approval to the information that will be submitted. Simply click the Finish Account Setup button.
The configuration of your account is now finished. Please be patient and wait up to half an hour for your account to be activated. After waiting for half an hour, you should be able to log in and access services that need eRaider authentication.

How to reset the password for your eRaider account

What should you do if you can’t remember the password to your eRaider account?

If you do not remember the password that you are currently using, navigate to and click the option labelled “Forgot Password.”
Enter your eRaider username as well as the date you were born. After that, hit the Continue button.
You will be required to provide one of the following: your TechID, your Social Security number (SSN), or both if the eRaider system already has any of these on file for you. Enter either your TechID or Social Security Number. After that, hit the Continue button.
The eRaider system will send a verification code to the contact phone number that you supplied in your eRaider account in order to validate your identification. You may check the status of your identity verification at any time by logging into your eRaider account. Select Phone Call if you would like to get the verification code through an automated voice call rather than a text message, or select Text Message to receive the verification code via an SMS text message. After that, when you are ready for the code to be transmitted, click the Continue button.
If in the previous stage you selected “Text Message,” then you should search for a new incoming text message that has the following wording: The following is the temporary access code for your eRaider account: CODE

If in the previous stage you choose to go with the “Voice Call” option, you will get a phone call with the following information on it: You may change your password by using this code: CODE.
Enter the code that you have been given into the box that is labelled “Enter Code.” Then, choose the Verify button.

In both of the slots, type the new password that you want to use going forward. After that, click the Set Password button.
Your eRaider password has been updated. It’s possible that the password won’t work on any eRaider-authenticated services for up to five minutes after you change it. It is possible that it will take up to two hours for you to recover full access to some IT services such as TTU Raiderlink and Blackboard TTU if the password you were using has expired.

Instructions on how to acquire your eRaider username

Go to, and then click the Forgot Username button when you are there.
Please enter your information into the following fields, and then click the Continue button.
Legal Your First Name: the first name that you gave.
Legal Last Name: your last name
Date of Birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format): the date that you were born
The eRaider system will send a verification code to the contact phone number that you indicated in your eRaider account in order to validate your identification. You may find out what this code is by logging into your eRaider account. Choose Phone Call to get the verification code by an automated voice call, or Text Message to have the code delivered to you in the form of an SMS text message.
When you are ready for the code to be transmitted, you may click the Continue button.
Whether in Step 3 you selected “Text Message,” check your cell phone to see if you have received a text message.
If in Step 3 you choose to go with the “Voice Call” option, you will now get a phone call.
Simply input the code that you have been given into the box that is labelled “Enter Code.” Then, choose the Verify button.
Your eRaider username will be shown to the other users.
Should you lose track of your username:

Visit the website of eRaider and click the “Forgot Username?” button.

After you have successfully identified yourself by filling out the required fields, you will be issued a username.
Contact the IT Help Central at the number 742-HELP if you require any additional assistance with your eRaider login and password (742-4357).


What what is the raiderlink?

Raiderlink serves as your internet connection to the campus. It allows for the registration of classes, the provision of financial services, the maintenance of a campus calendar, the dissemination of campus announcements, the operation of search engines, the provision of local weather forecasts, and the provision of links to a multitude of other University services.

What exactly is the eRaider?

Your eRaider account serves as your electronic identification at Texas Tech University. Your eRaider is a combination login and password that allows you to access a wide variety of services at TTU, including the Raiderlink portal.

Your eRaider account gives you access to your TechMail (e-mail), the Internet, Raiderlink, the ability to enrol in computer short courses, the ability to take advantage of online training, the ability to construct a personal website, the ability to download free software, and a great deal more.

How can I obtain the official e-mail address for Texas Tech University?

The Texas Tech University subscribes to the Office 365 service, which includes It is the engine that drives the official email service for, which is known as TechMail. TechMail is a web-based email service that is provided at no cost to all TTUS and TTU instructors, staff, and students.

What are the steps I need to take to register for classes through Raiderlink?

Navigate to the website for Raiderlink. After selecting the “TTU MyTech” option from the drop-down menu, navigate to the “Manage My Enrollment” section and select “Registration.”

How do I access the transcripts that I have saved?

Students at Texas Tech University have access to both official and unofficial transcripts of their academic work. Simply log in to your Raiderlink account and navigate to the MyTech tab to get an unofficial transcript from TTU. To see your unofficial transcript online, navigate to the Manage My Enrollment > Transcript > Unofficial Transcript menu option.

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