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The Features of Display Cabinets

Cabinets are often used as display surfaces for works of art, collectables, or important documents. In modern times they may also be used in conjunction with other furnishings to provide storage space. The term cupboard is often synonymous with the term cabinet but generally refers to a piece of furniture that is more strictly used as storage. Display cabinets have different features, they include;

  1. Sliding door

This type of sliding door is one of the most commonly used cabinets on display. They are made from hardwood, MDF and plywood. The sliding door can be one of the most costly for a cabinet, but its practicality makes it worth it. They are easy to use and do not have any locks or catches to impede their opening like hinged doors do.

  1. Lateral opening

Lateral opening cabinets are usually cheaper than sliding doors as they take less time to build, but they come with drawbacks as well. They can only be built from medium-density fiberboard because of their smaller size and heavier weight which makes them cheap but not sturdy enough for heavy objects like a mirror or glass artwork.

  1. Cupboard door

The cupboard is the most basic display cabinet and is used for a variety of objects ranging from artwork to glassware. They are usually made from medium-density fiberboard, hardwood or pressboard. The cupboard doors are used mainly for displays and can also be used as a storage unit. They do not have any special features apart from an optional lock, but they are usually simple in design as they are meant to blend in with other furniture rather than stand out on their own. Cupboards are the most common display cabinets in homes, businesses and museums because of their versatility.

  1. Hinges

Hinges are used to open the doors of cabinets and other display furniture. They are usually made from brass, stainless steel or plastic and are used for locking the objects inside, but they can also be used to prevent a cabinet from being opened because of their weight. Hinges have a variety of different uses ranging from home decoration to self-storage and display furniture.

  1. Glass lift

A glass lift is an ideal material for use in sliding doors and door cupboards where they need to be lifted with one hand while opening them with the other hand. They are usually made from a solid wood frame with metal supports and glass that slides on the frame. They are used mainly for securing display pieces but are also useful as storage units in small spaces like kitchens or bathrooms.

  1. Sliding drawers

This type of cabinet has removable drawers with sliding doors placed on top of them. They are made from a variety of materials that include hardwood like oak, maple, pine and cherry, MDF, plywood and medium density fiberboard and they usually have locks on their sliding doors to secure the objects inside them. A sliding cabinet is similar to a file cabinet, except that they are used to display objects instead of storing them. They are made from the same materials and can be locked in the same way. Sliding cabinets can be one of the most expensive types of cabinets because they require more material and are more likely to be commissioned than other types of cabinets.

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