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Japanese Knives VS Cleaver Knives

The knife is one of the most useful and essential tools which everyone needs. Everyone loves knives but there are some people who still don’t know how to use them. In this article, we are going to share the comparison between Japanese knives VS Cleaver knives.

If you are looking for a knife, then you must know that there are two types of knives in the market. The first one is the Japanese knives and the second one is the cleaver knives. Both are used for different purposes but what is the difference between both? Let’s have a look:

Japanese Knives VS Cleaver Knives

Japanese knives

Best Japanese knives are generally used for chopping, cutting, slicing, and paring food. They are used for chopping vegetables, fruits, and meat and they are also used for cutting up raw materials and materials that are used for cooking.

Cleaver knives

On the other hand, Best cleaver knives are used for cutting, slicing, and chopping of food. They are used for slicing bread, meats, and cheese. Also, they are used for cutting, chopping, and slicing of veggies and fruits.

How To Use A Japanese Knife VS A Cleaver Knife?

It’s a common fact that Japanese knives are known for their durability and sharpness. They are made with high-quality stainless steel which is very hard and durable, and also they are easy to sharpen. However, you need to know that there are two types of knives which are Japanese knives and cleavers. So, what is the difference between them? Let’s discuss both types.

Japanese knives VS Cleavers

Both the Japanese knives and cleavers are commonly used in households, but there is a significant difference between them. Japanese knives are the ones who are used in the kitchen for cutting vegetables, while cleavers are used for chopping, cutting, and other household duties.

Here are the differences between them:

  • Durability

Japanese knives are the most durable knives, but they are expensive. The blades of cleavers are very thin and they are easy to break.

  • Blade Size

Japanese knives are made in large sizes, but cleavers are small in size.

  • Length

Japanese knives are long and thin in length, while cleavers are short and wide in size.

  • Shape

Japanese knives are made in straight shape and they have a curved spine. On the other hand, cleavers have a straight and flat shape.

  • Weight

Japanese knives weigh less than cleavers.


It’s very important to know the difference between Japanese knives and cleavers. Because cleavers are very easy to use but they are not as durable and sharp as Japanese knives. So, if you want to use a sharp knife then buy a Japanese knife, but if you want to use a heavy knife then go for a cleaver.

Now, you know the difference between Japanese knives VS cleaver knives. If you are a new user of knives, then you must be aware of this. You must choose the right one according to your needs. So, start using it and share your views with me.

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