How to Get the Best Travel Nurse Assignment?

Applying for a travel nursing job after quitting your full-time job can be overwhelming. If you’re unaware of this field, it is undoubtedly a new experience where you will meet new people from different industries. Moreover, it is a temporary job, so the duration will also range from six months to a year. However, don’t let these concerns affect your goals. It is a fantastic job and allows you to travel across the country and gain valuable experience. In this article, you will find four valuable tips to land the best travel nurse assignments.

Keep in Touch with the Recruiter

This first tip is undoubtedly the most effective and easiest way to get the best travel nursing assignments. Building a solid professional relationship with the recruiter will get you placed at an admirable job as they will recommend you to the best firms. Communicate with them about your desires for a job; however, do not tell them about the negatives on the resume as it will affect your image.

Interested candidates should also tell them about the jobs they have applied for. Some individuals work with multiple companies and even want to get permanent travel jobs. If one has the same goal, telling this to all the recruiters will be beneficial. It will decrease the chances of your resume getting sent to the same job by different companies.

Obtain Information

Before asking the recruiter to forward your name, research the new job, and

  • The salary package of the company
  • The number of working hours
  • Patient load
  • Orientation time
  • Trauma level of the hospital

Knowing these details about a company will help candidates decide whether they want a job there or not. In addition, the recruiter will appreciate the time they save.

Tell the Recruiter about Your Needs

Everyone has different expectations from travel nurse assignments; that is why they turn down various offers. Let the recruiter know your reason for turning down offers, whether it is high salary expectations, flexible working horse, specific location, etc. It will help the recruiter know your best interests; thus, he will find you a suitable job in the future.

Giving Time to Fit in

At a new job as a travel nurse, one won’t get much time to orient themselves, mostly a day or so, and they will have to jump into the job to help learn the new electronic system, location of the supply closet, etc.

It can be challenging to land different job locations every three months and meet new people, but one should not forget to give themselves a break. Fitting in a new environment takes time, and if you work hard and do your best at the job, you can gain coworkers’ trust and recognition and make long-lasting relationships.


A travel nursing experience is unlike anything else, and it has its own learning curve. Recruiters want to work with people who communicate well, are honest about what they expect from a job, and are willing to be flexible. Therefore, one must tell their recruiter everything, ranging from the job expectations and pay range to work location.

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