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Hair Salon Appointment Reminders Are A Thing of Beauty

If you own a hair salon, you know that your business is built on great customer service, providing premium service to your clients, and keeping your chair full during open hours. So when appointments are missed, your business also misses out on one crucial factor-REVENUE. And you do realize that there will be missed appointments, cancellations, and reschedules. However, by making the appointment important to your client as well as you and your staff, you can keep your chairs full while keeping your clients satisfied.

Sure, each salon is different. But consider that the average customer charge is $100. If you have only one missed appointment per day and are open five days a week, that is five hundred dollars that never makes it to your bottom line. And if you are open 52 weeks per year, that number zooms to a loss of $26000 annually. Those numbers continue to climb if your average customer charge is higher or if you are open seven days per week.

Why Customers Cancel or Don’t Show For Scheduled Appointments

Of course, the #1 reason your customer is not keeping their appointment is simply: They forgot. Maybe your shop is so busy that you book out several weeks in advance. It happens—we all get busy and sometimes double-book. Without a reminder, your client may forget.

Other reasons your clients cancel might be an illness, a family emergency, or something unexpected that came up, and they had to leave the area. No-shows may say that traffic caused them to be so late that they didn’t show up, their last appointment at work was late, or a meeting lasted longer than expected. Kids are sick, the weather creates hazardous road conditions, and so on. Ambien For Sale

So what can you do?

How Apptoto Can Help

The best way to get ahead of forgotten appointments is by simply reminding clients. Scheduling used to be a labor-intensive task where the receptionist would call multiple phone numbers and leave messages to remind clients of their appointments. Not only did it take time to complete the calls, but you also ran the risk of the voicemail not getting to the right person or another person answering the call and not delivering the message.

With Apptoto Reminders, you never have to worry about your message getting delivered again. Our Reminders function integrates with nearly every appointment calendar. You can schedule and send reminders to all appointments, regardless of how organized. Online, phone, or even walk-ins can benefit from the same reminder!

Choose between voice or text reminders or a combination of both. You can not only send reminder texts for appointments, but you can also remind your clients to schedule another service. Apptoto is flexible too! Set up your reminders on your timetable! Get appointment confirmations and ask your clients for reviews of your services!

Your Salon and Your Clients Both Benefit

Apptoto benefits not only you and your salon but your clients as well. Most clients want to fulfill appointments. Sending reminders supports the hair session while providing the availability to reschedule when this becomes necessary. The Apptoto platform takes text alerts to a new level by allowing the client to communicate with you without even making a call. And text alerts are multilingual so you can use the client’s language of choice. And happy customers are repeat customers.

If your salon has a cancellation policy, you can link to that policy in your text alert. Some salons charge the customer if they cancel in less than 24 or 48 hours. Some salons keep a credit card on file for cancellations or require a deposit when scheduling. Whatever you choose, be sure that your clients are aware of your policies ahead of time.

Start a 14-Day Free Trial

With Apptoto, your salon can reduce the number of cancellations and no-shows, saving you money and time. We offer a free trial for the first 14 days, with no credit card required. With our automated service, you can remind your customers, allow them the opportunity to schedule appointments, and even collect payments. Try your 14-day free trial today!

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