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Furnish Your Home With Decorative Touches

The first place to start is in the living room, where the family and guests congregate. Whether your style is elegant antique, or rugged, masculine leather, comfortable seating is of paramount importance. A leather sofa in black, brown or tan is a good choice because it is durable and attractive and can be used as the building block for many different decor styles.

  • If you prefer a delicate, feminine, floral touch, invest in a plush, upholstered sofa in either a patterned or neutral fabric. If plumping for a patterned sofa, choose neutral curtains so the look does not overwhelm you.
  • Another essential design element is your choice of floor covering. Rugs will enhance beautiful hardwood floors in a rich Persian design. The wall-to-wall surface will add warmth if you are in a modern apartment block with concrete floors. Choose a colour which will stand up to wear and tear if you have children or pets, especially in high-traffic areas. White, champagne or beige carpeting is strictly for adults with plenty of time or resources to keep the floor covering in pristine condition.
  • Small windows can be maximised by placing the pelmet or rail higher and wider than strictly necessary, creating the illusion of a larger window and allowing more light to stream through.
  • Choose ornaments, paintings and cushion covers which complement your intrinsic look, add greenery and vases of flowers, put some coffee on to fill the house with inviting aromas and relax.
  • Floral arrangements enhance a space with ease. There are different forms of floral arrangements which vary in shape and size. There are three basic forms of floral arrangements: circle, square and triangle. You can either make the arrangement yourself or hire an excellent florist who understands your needs and brightens your home.
  • You can decorate your home with flowers in many different styles. If you’re lucky, a good florist will understand your style and ensure something reaches your home every other day. You need to explain to them the way you want the flowers to be. You could be extremely modern in your tastes and choose floral arrangements and flowers in India that bring flow with the space and available light in the house. These arrangements balance space with the amount of light available.
  • If you have a country-style home with many earthy colours, we suggest flowers in another form; try potpourri to compliment the wooden smell and tones. You can also opt for wreaths. Choose flowers that will add more colour to the space. Think about carnations and sunflowers. If you want to be more creative, use natural elements to place the arrangements. Try a bamboo vase or wicker basket for the dried flowers.
  • You can also choose tropical and oriental floral arrangements. They complement furniture from India. If you have a beautiful teak table, accent it with white flowers emphasising the texture and colour of the table. Here you need flowers like orchids, tiger lilies or tuberose. You can also use ferns in the floral arrangements to add more depth. If you are a fan of the orient, try Ikebana arrangements which are extremely creative and fun.
  • When choosing wall coverings, remember that carrying off deep burgundy or red walls takes a large room. If you live in a smaller space, stick to light pastels, white or beige, making the room look larger. Painting the entire wall space, including the ceiling, will also help create an illusion of a larger space. Rubbed, washed or ragged paint treatments add a warmer dimension to a room if solid white or beige is not to your taste.
  • The flowers from a florist in Ahmedabad chosen are usually bright so that you can expect reds and bright yellows. In a contemporary design, you have to match the interiors’ natural colours with the flowers’ colours. These arrangements enhance the space and its internal design. You can choose extremely old-school English designs. They will remind you of the English countryside that has a lot of green accented with flowers. If you have a lot of prints in the house, it is a good idea to opt for English-style floral arrangements. It also compliments wooden flooring and dark wood furniture. The flowers that we suggest are tulips, roses and gardenias.
  • Kitchens should be designed with practicality and hygiene in mind. All surfaces should be easily cleaned. Avoid high-gloss finishes with calls for high maintenance and show up every trace of spills. Large appliances should be chosen to match the overall decor – a brushed steel fridge will look out of place in a country-style kitchen. Ensure that there is plenty of free space to move with ease.

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