Discover the Ultimate Luxury RV Roadtrip for Spring 2022

This year is the year that travel is coming back in full force.

After two years of being cooped up at home, there has never been a better time to get a luxury RV and hit the ground running with the best road trips this country has to offer.

Whether you want to take your family on a grand adventure or have the road trip of a lifetime with your significant other, there are so many places to explore in style. Plus, with the added benefit of having luxury on wheels, you can be spontaneous with your adventures and know that you have all the amenities of home in your RV.

To ensure you make the most of springtime adventures, we have rounded up the ultimate luxury RV road trips for you to dream of, plan out and experience for yourself.

1. Take the Family to Disney World

What kid doesn’t want to go to Disney World? While some luxury accommodation options for a family can get pricey fast in the theme park hotels, you can enjoy all the benefits of both the amusement park and luxury RV comforts.

Disney World is actually one of the best places to take an RV trip with your family. You can park up your glamorous home on wheels and enjoy the six theme parks and two water parks on offer for the whole family. Best of all, you can leave your RV parked up at the camping grounds, as there are shuttles that will transport you directly to and from the park.

2. Hit the Mountains

Exploring the mountains is fun and full of natural beauty to enjoy. One of the best spots to do just that is in the cute little mountain town of Gatlinburg. Nestled into the mountains with priceless views of the Smokies, you can park up your luxury RV and have the best outlooks to enjoy.

Plus, with the comforts that your luxury RV provides, you can also freshen up and relax after a big day of exploring. One of the highlights is the SkyLift Park, which allows you to actually walk amongst the clouds and have unique vantage points of the canyons below. The RV parks that you can rest up at are equally great to sit back, relax and be one with nature.

3. Explore the South

The southern states of the US are great and an area that should definitely be explored. One of the gems of the southern states is South Carolina. The charming city of Charleston offers a unique RV road trip experience where you can drive past classic mansions and Civil War memorials, along with stunning views of the harbor.

Once you park up your RV, make sure to also sign up for a horse-drawn carriage ride and a ghost tour—two of the best experiences the city offers.

4. Witness Majestic Waterfalls

Nature is full of majestic wonders, with one of the best being waterfalls. Every state has their own waterfalls that are worth stopping off at, but some of the most majestic is in Niagara Falls State Park. This world-famous waterfall sits on the border of the US and Canada and will leave you in absolute awe.

Best of all, you can wake up and be some of the first to witness these waterfalls as the RV parks are close by and allow you to be some of the first to access the park. With other great eateries and wineries nearby too, you can spend your whole trip being immersed amongst majestic waterfalls.

5. Set Out for National Parks

The United States boasts a range of impressive National Parks that you simply do not want to miss out on. The best season of the year to go explore this area is in the spring before the big crowds pour in and the summer heat is sizzling. One of the best parks to explore this spring is Yellowstone National Park, where you can witness geysers, hot springs, and volcanos.

Plus, chances are you will see lots of wildlife from your RV too—including bears, bison, and antelope. Talk about a window with a view!

Another great National Park to add to your RV road trip is the Grand Canyon, National Park. While you could technically see it in a day, traveling here with your RV allows you to spend more time hiking the trails and witnessing the true beauty of it all. But make sure to book your RV spot here in advance as it is in high demand all year long.


When you have a luxury RV, the world really is your oyster. You can take your family on a magical Disney holiday or finally see all of our country’s great National Parks. What epic adventure will you be doing first this spring?

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