Common treatments done by an Orthodontist

Dental ailments can happen to anyone, and it is better to catch such issues early. Amongst all the fields of dentistry, orthodontics is the one that deals with the jaw, the bones, roots and the structure of the teeth as opposed to oral hygiene.

However, orthodontics and general dentistry go hand in hand, and many general dentists also specialize in orthodontics.

Moreover, many dentists specialize in pediatric orthodontics and can treat any orthodontic disease for your child.

Child orthodontists offer the same services as regular orthodontists, but they are better trained to handle children. They must make the children feel comfortable during the treatment, or they might fear coming in for the next appointment. Because of anxiety related to dental treatments, children might even start hiding their toothache or related issues from their parents, worsening things.

So, if your child has misaligned teeth, crooked jaw, crowded teeth or other orthodontic issues, then it is best to take them to a pediatric orthodontist.

Here are some of the treatments an orthodontist can provide.

  • Overcrowded and misaligned teeth

The orthodontists primarily work in diagnosing misalignment and overcrowded teeth.

The orthodontist will devise an aligner from the mould depending on your specific case. People are now opting for Invisalign as they are invisible and do not require a complicated procedure like the traditional braces.

One must wear the aligners for six months to a year to fix their teeth’ alignment. In some cases, it can take longer to fix the alignment.

Moreover, once the jaws and the teeth are fully developed, it poses a challenge to treat the ailment. Early intervention is required, and you must schedule appointments with the orthodontist to avoid such issues. Having a beautiful smile, and flaunting it is your right. Find the Best Dentist in Dubai if you are insecure about your teeth, and let them help you.

  • Treat Malculssions

It is an ailment that refers to the misalignment of jaws. There are three types of malocclusions such as overbite, underbite and crossbite.

Crossbite can be considered a misalignment. But, overbite happens when the upper jaw does not align with the lower jaw and extends farther than the lower jaw.

On the other hand, an underbite happens when the lower jaw extends more than the upper jaw.

It is a common issue that can arise in the early stages of life, and fixing it early on is relatively easy using aligners.

  • Teeth spacing

A child’s baby tooth starts falling out by the age of six to be replaced by their permanent adult teeth.

However, if the baby teeth start falling early, the neighbouring baby teeth or permanent teeth might start filling the space. This could lead to crooked teeth and may cause alignment problems in the future.

By visiting child orthodontists, you can get ahead of the problem as they might recommend spacers to fill the gap. The neighbouring teeth will try to cover up the space through this treatment, and your child’s teeth will remain straight.

  • Cheek and lip bumpers

An orthodontist not only aligns the teeth or fixes the jaw but will also help prevent cheeks or lips from protruding into your mouth. This can exert pressure on teeth, cause tremendous pain, and even cause wounds or cuts on the cheeks’ inner lining.

So, an orthodontist will provide proper lip and cheek bumpers to fix the ailment.

No matter how young or old, one must cost the dentist regularly, and it helps avoid problems and treat the ailments before they get worse. Consider taking your child to an orthodontist who deals with children as they will be able to market them more comfortably and help them through the treatment.

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