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Why your kids should party at Timezone

Tired of your kids having every party at home? It’s time to take them out and burn some energy with a visit to Timezone. This super fun entertainment venue is packed with awesome attractions like laser tag, paintball, arcade games, and even an indoor rollercoaster. Here are some of the reasons why your kids should have their party at Timezone.

1) FREE playtime with friends—no lineups, no waiting or worrying about the time. Kids can run free and choose any of our various exciting activities.

2) Dedicated party organizer-no need to hire someone. We have a team of seasonally-trained event directors and wait for staff to run the party, you just show up and enjoy. No preparation stress.

3) A party with variety—you don’t know what to expect for sure, so it’s guaranteed to be a surprise. We have tons of exciting games: laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, riding toys (like a dragon or pirate ship), a disco ballroom, and a bowling alley.

4) Our party packages are unique and value-oriented. According to Timezone (, they have great deals on bowling packages that include shoe rental, and a large pitcher of pop, and a couple of dozen nachos. Plus, we have an add-on menu of inexpensive add-ons—like cotton candy, orange slices, or even a balloon animal—that won’t break your budget. We’ve priced our packages just below the competition so you can provide more fun at less cost.

5) Easy online booking process- our online booking system is quick, easy, and will save you time. You can book from your phone or tablet, and table assignments are handled for you. Our customer service staff is available to help you every step of the way.

6) Preloaded power tickets- your kids will enjoy the party and still go home with a gift. You can purchase a power card when you book, at the time of the party, or at any time afterward.

7) Our arcade games are family-friendly— not just for kids. Our arcade offers classic games like air hockey, pinball, and basketball as well as video games from generations past. Just insert your provided power card, and your guests can play any of the arcade games at no additional cost.

8) No post-party clean up- when kids play and eat, they make a mess. You don’t have to worry about post-party clean-up—we’ll handle it for you.

9) We treat your whole group well – from kids to adults we have activities and food options for every member of your group. Our arcade has a variety of food items available at very reasonable prices, plus there are several food outlets, including our onsite cafe, which all deliver to the center, so no one has to go far for a break from the action.


If your kids have a birthday party or any other party to plan this year, consider Timezone. They’ll have a blast with the party entertainment and will remember it forever. You can book your next event today.

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