Reasons for choosing DHL services Malaysia

DHL services provide a range of shipping, logistics and supply chain solutions for customers around the world.

DHL is present in over 220 countries and territories, with a global network of more than 280,000 DHL employees around the world.

DHL offers fast and reliable delivery of small parcels and time-sensitive documents for customers. It also provides supply chain solutions to help address customers’ needs in areas such as customs clearance and local delivery.

Today, the DHL is well known around the world, providing trusted services to millions of consumers and millions of businesses. As a result of its consistent focus on innovation, its network is expanding every day, while its speed is growing even more quickly.

Reasons for choosing DHL Malaysia

  1. DHL is a leading global express delivery provider. With a proven track record and an unrivaled network of over 220,000 employees, DHL is committed to providing high-quality customer service that meets the needs of customers.
  2. DHL in Malaysia is the first company in Malaysia to provide ‘Same Day Express Freight Delivery’ service. Our innovative service provides a new level of personalised and seamless customer experience compared with any other logistics providers in Malaysia.
  3. DHL is currently number one logistics company, the largest online shopping destination for Malaysia. DHL Express provides guaranteed delivery to all customers in Malaysia through our extensive network. In comparison with other logistics providers in Malaysia, DHL’s reliability and customer care are unmatched.
  4. DHL is committed to only work with the best people and the most advanced technology available. Using custom-made trucks, aircraft and data-link equipped transfer vehicles, DHL has the ability to deliver packages from point A to point B faster than any other type of transport service in the market.

  5. DHL Express is the world’s leading logistics company. With an unrivalled reach and a proven track record of reliability, excellence and innovation, DHL Express is committed to providing the best service for its customers.
  6. DHL is the best choice for organisations to transform their global supply chain. DHL has a strong delivery network with over 220,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.
  7. Consistent reliability & quality – The combination of proven processes, services and technology combined with unparalleled world-class support ensures that your delivery needs are met consistently time after time.
  8. Customer Service – DHL Express is committed to deliver on-time, every time. Our customers are #1 and we value the trust they place in us.
  9. Technology – We utilize state-of-the-art technology to plan your shipments, track them and communicate with you to serve you better.
  10. Experience – As one of the world’s leading logistics providers, DHL Express has knowledge in moving freight effectively and efficiently around the world, as well as a unique understanding of global trade regulations to ensure smooth shipping around the globe.


DHL in Malaysia has continued to expand its network of Air, Sea and Road freight offices, which have now reached over 180. Its branches have also been introduced into most major shopping malls throughout Malaysia, where DHL can offer the customers convenient solutions for the delivery of parcels and goods. DHL currently has a strong presence in Malaysia with more than 200 offices nationwide.

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