What’s the Top Non-Toxic Approach for Termite Management?

Termites are small bugs that add fertility to your soil and maintain the overall ecological balance. But, when these pests enter your home, they are dangerous. Termites feed on wood and affect the durability and strength of your furniture. You may find chemicals to kill termites. However, as they contain toxic substances, they are not safe for use. So, what are the non-toxic yet effective ways to manage termite infestation?

Before choosing the natural termite-repellent solution, you should know that there are varieties:

  • Subterranean termites need moist environments for survival. So, they look for wet wood in your building.
  • Drywood termites dwell mainly within dry wood structures like wooden beams.

You can now check the safest termite management remedies.

Buy Termite Baits

The easiest way to control termites is to use baits. But, it takes a longer time to find the desired result. These baits need to be placed directly in the soil outside your house. When termites see the bait, they eat and die within a short time.

Neem Oil

As neem oil has a bitter smell, it is a natural insect repellent. You can also repel bed bugs and other pests with this oil. The natural termite killer damages the bugsā€™ reproductive systems and leads them to death.

Clove Oil 

Another DIY termite treatment is clove oil. Add a few drops of clove oil to a cup of water. Pour the solution into the spray bottle to apply it in different places.

Boric Acid

If you have noticed a termite colony, you can apply boric acid. When termites ingest the acid, they die. Some purchase boric acid to exterminate cockroaches. Buy boric acid that is at least 99.9% pure.

Petroleum Jelly

You use petroleum jelly for your lips and skin to make them appear glossy. But, this jelly acts as the most effective termite-resistant substance. It contains phenol that helps in repelling insects and pests.

Aloe Vera

Like petroleum jelly, aloe vera is effective in treating termites that have infested different parts of your home. When these bugs contact with the natural gel, the thick coating will cause suffocation.

Orange Oil

Orange oil has the power to control termite infestation at your home. The oil has d-limonene, which is the main compound in killing the pests. Make a mixture of water and orange oil. Then spray the solution to kill termites.

If these natural remedies do not work, call Sarasota termite treatment experts. They apply different techniques to keep your house free from termites and bugs. 

Some professionals use fumigation, while others apply liquid termiticides. These liquid substances need to be applied to areas where termites enter your house. You will get a faster result from termiticides. Drilling is essential to use the liquid solution and prevent termite infestation. You should know the proper way to use termiticides. So, you can hire professionals to manage termites.

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