Urbanchat: All you need to know about

Are you looking to know all the features of Urbanchat, you arrived at the right place? Here we will spotlight on Urbanchat platform.

Urbanchat website allows users to connect and be in contact with famous people. The way other social apps allow users to communicate with one another Urbanchat also allows users. Chat room feature are captivating in urbanchat and we will discuss it below.

To know all the other features of this website stay tuned with us and read the article till the end.

What is Urbanchat?

It was a time when Urbanchat was one of the great communication mediums in the United StateAfter launching this website it got lots of users in a short time. The users were not only the common people but lots of famous and known people also visited this website.

All these celebrities reached out to their fans through urban chat com. And that is the secret behind the popularity of this website.

Method to create an account in Urbanchat 

The using method of this website is not very difficult. The new users need to create an account before getting all the facilities. After successfully creating an account you will just need login to the website for the next time. For login, users just need to remember their email address and a password.

For urbanchat com login don’t forget your password otherwise you may face a little bit long way by getting the new one.

Urbanchat connects individuals to new people

Simply by using this platform users come in contact with one another. And lots of new friends can be made here. The most captivating thing about this website is it assembles individuals of the same interest.

Mean the people who belong to the same community, social norms, and cultures meet here and they discuss their problems in groups. There is a chat room through which a group of people can text each other.

Due to this togetherness feature, this website has the famous description which is “urbanchat where the streets are talking”.

Features of urbanchat com

It’s time to discuss some of the main and attractive features of urbanchat. 

Shoutouts: which is responsible for the solution of many problems  

As we discussed above people from the same community come here and discuss their daily life flustered and find the best solution for it. So all this togetherness of the people becomes in the category of the Shoutouts.

UrbanElite: the region of the famous people 

In this region, there is a list of famous people who becomes closer to their fans. In this section fans always search the new posts from their favorite people.

Chat rooms: the best place to meet with more and more people 

This is another interesting feature from urbanchat that allows users to discover the bulk of people together. Every member of this room can know how many people are there and what they post and how they act in the room etc.

The best part of this section is the discussion and opinion of multiple people on the same topic. Mostly, people discuss here the current affairs, sports, and other interesting topics.

Current situation of urbanchat 

This is not a piece of good news for you if you fall in love with urbanchat because of its fancy features and want to use it. Because this website is not survived for the long term and became down.

The reasons for the failure are not clear yet and unfortunately, we can’t say when it will activate again. However, all these features are available in urbancliq.

What is urbancliq?

If you heard about urbancliq the very first time. Urbancliq is an app where you can find all the above activities which we mentioned above for the urbanchat.

Urbancliq is the new version of urbanchat and more than 1 million users of urbanchat are active there. So a piece of good news is that you can download this app easily.

After downloading the app you will need to create an account. For that, you need a username and password.

To conclude

This was all about urbanchat, the features are attractive but if you search nowadays for the urbanchat. You may not find it so instead of urbanchat try to search for the urbancliq. 

Urbancliq has lots of new as well as previous users from urbanchat. So you will enjoy it here a lot.

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