Web development industry is actively adjusting to the requirements and expectations of customers. Specialists in this sphere are in high demand, and there are no signs that this tendency slows down. The Internet is a highly competitive environment. Therefore, any problems with website performance or negative user experience can undermine your position and result in traffic loss and lower buying activity. To make business as close to customers as possible, developers are improving the mobile user experience. It is one of the main trends in the industry. Here are some other takeaways on this topic:

Dark theme

Dark mode and low-light web pages have become more popular over the last few years. People tend to spend a lot of time scrolling social media and websites before going to sleep. To avoid eye strain, headache, and spare battery charge, users prefer dark mode. Many find it simply esthetically more pleasing. Others remark that dark mode boosts productivity. This built-in feature is getting standard for many platforms, including the most frequently visited, such as Facebook or Twitter. Google, Windows, Slack, YouTube, and Apple also added dark mode to the default light version.

More interactive User Interface

We have got used to mobile-friendly and extremely fast digital experiences. However, web developers don’t limit themselves only to these factors. Another popular industry trend is a more interactive user interface. Thanks to various front-end frameworks, specialists create more responsive websites. Thus, users don’t only obtain the information they were looking for. They also interact with website content and get a unique experience. Again, since the Internet is a highly competitive environment, catching the user’s eye is one of the most crucial tasks web developers set.

Enhanced Voice Search

Voice assistants have become a part of our daily routine. Especially those, empowered with Artificial Intelligence. This is already a built-in feature, available on both, iPhones and Android-based smartphones. The popularity of voice search is quite easy to explain: it spares a lot of time. People can get answers to urgent questions driving a car, shopping, cleaning, or getting dressed for work. Technologies are getting smarter and delivering relevant answers. Therefore, companies are nowadays actively working on improving their voice search products.

Exclusive content based on machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are decisive factors influencing all IT-related industries, and web development is no exception. The opportunity to get a more relevant and improved experience while surfing on the Internet forms the basis of a healthy user experience. This technology analyzes your requests and offers options that are more likely to get accepted. The content prediction approach is widely used by such platforms as Netflix or Airbnb. This approach is more personalized than the regular targeting because users get what they need exactly, based on their previous queries. The web development industry is actively using machine learning to offer users personalized content.


As we mentioned above, web applications and sites are getting attention and popularity among users if they perform fast and smoothly. Google also prioritizes such platforms and more eagerly recommends them in search results. That’s why implementing progressive web apps (PWA) and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is crucial. These technologies decrease the load time of web pages and make them more attractive.

PWA is application software. It is built with such well-known web technologies as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, WebAssembly. This front-end technology helps deliver a good website performance on both, desktops and mobile phones. It also reduces their dependency on the network condition.

Since the speed of web pages seriously impacts bounce rate, Google has been actively running an open-source project, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP-built web pages provide users with high performance and engagement.

As we see, the main web-development industry trends are mostly aimed at optimizing the user experience on smartphones. Another central tendency is increasing webpage speed since it tremendously affects the bounce rate. Web development is changing fast. So, to stay competitive, companies have to follow new approaches closely.

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