Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPad

Are you planning to buy yourself a tablet for months but can’t decide which one to get? Well, the reality is you’re not alone in having this predicament. The variety of tablet brands and models available today makes it difficult for most people to decide. However, it’s truly a battle between Android tablets and Apple iPads. 

While most tablets running on Android OS are loved for their affordable price, people prefer iPads over them because of the latter’s superior design, impeccable user experience, polished software, and more. It’s also easier to solve problems such as fixing the touchscreen not working, how to connect to iTunes when iPad is disabled, and others thanks to online articles, video tutorials, and more.

From teachers and students to businessmen and artists, many have been using iPads since the first version was introduced to the public. So, what’s stopping you from getting yourself one? 

Why Should You Get an iPad? 

Every year, Apple either releases new models or launches upgraded versions of its current product line. For the iPad line, their latest generation is the 9th and interested buyers can choose between iPad 9th, Mini, Air, and Pro. Depending on the features, sizes, and other factors, these tables are priced differently. But you may take advantage of ongoing promotions and special deals that may be offered in stores in your respective countries. If you’re still having second thoughts about getting yourself an iPad and thinking it’s better to get an Android tablet instead, then please continue reading. 

  1. Great performance

One of the great things people love about the iPad is its performance. From the iPad 9th generation to the Pro, it has a state-of-the-art 8-core M1 chip. This chip is the same one that can be found installed in the current generation of iMacs and MacBooks – hence, earning the nickname portable computers. With iPads, you shouldn’t worry that the device can’t handle numerous design apps, 4k video editing, 3D model rendering, and many more. This means you can push the limit and not worry about your device going slow due to numerous apps installed and working. 

Now, you may not be using the device for work. Thus, you don’t need the M1 chip available in higher-priced iPad Air and Pros. Well, no worries because you can still get yourself or your kids an iPad with A13/15 Bionic chips, which performs greatly and at a lesser price than the formers. It’s still perfect for simple use such as sketching or for content creators who’d be editing videos. 

  1. Achieve a better gaming experience

With superb design and great performance, iPads can also be used for gaming. Though you may think that it’s better to get yourself an Xbox or PlayStation instead, you won’t miss anything anyway when you purchase this Apple device. It’s because it provides gamers with the same experience as one can get from Xbox and PlayStation in terms of graphics. And the good thing about iPads is that it’s portable and you still feel like you’re playing a game with a wide screen. It’s no wonder why adults and kids alike never fail to pack it in their bags on the way to work and school or on their trips for entertainment purposes. Download apps from Apple’s App Store and you’re set for the weekend.  

  1. Use it for note-taking needs

Like any other tablets on the market, iPads can help you reduce your carbon footprint. By going paperless and instead keeping electronic notes on your device, you can reduce the amount of waste dumped into landfills, help save countless trees, cut energy use, and many more. While it’s mostly students who make use of iPads as their note-taking companion, entrepreneurs and others can take advantage of them as well. With no more messy binders and a stack of papers, it’s easier to find notes and more thanks to note-taking apps available in the app store. Start writing down on your device with ease with help from the Apple pencil. 

  1. Unleash your creativity

In addition to saving the environment, iPads can also help you unleash your artistic and creative side by providing you with a great drawing experience. With the help of the Apple Pencil and drawing apps, you can now draw, animate, and use them for personal or work projects. You also don’t need stacks of paper, which reduces your carbon footprint as well as makes it easy to keep all of your drawings in one place. If you need to show your design in front of the board, then you can easily open the device and show it to everyone. 

  1. Portable and convenient

If you’re always on the go and need to work, then iPads are your best buddy. While newer smartphone versions make it possible to do more than just calling, texting, and browsing, the small screen may limit what you can do with it. On the other hand, iPads make it possible for you to not be tethered to a computer and you can whip it out whenever inspiration strikes you. Did you think of a new idea for the book design you’re planning? Do you need to add some notes to your presentation or portfolio? Are you stuck in traffic and want to draw your surroundings? You can do all these and more with your Apple device and even sync your current copy to continue work on your laptop or desktop. 

  1. Allows you to multitask efficiently

Have you ever experienced wanting to multitask because your device doesn’t allow it? Or have you experienced trying to multitask on your phone or Android tablet but it keeps hanging or stopped working suddenly? While the latest smartphones and tablets allow you to multitask already, iPads upped the game by providing multitasking functionality. Thanks to the large screen, users are now able to open numerous apps at once and place them side by side. You can now switch back and forth, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the device’s performance going slow. It’s perfect for students who need their note-taking and browsing apps open all at once, entrepreneurs preparing portfolios and researching online, and many more. 

Key Takeaways 

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why it’s ideal to get iPads over other brands and models of tablets. It’s still up to you based on your budget and requirements. Hence, it’s ideal to do your research and look at different pros and cons to arrive at a decision and get yourself the perfect tablet device.

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