Ten Things You Should Know While Hiring A Software Developer

With the IT sector booming more than ever, every business and start-up wants to go online to digitize their businesses and want to hire efficient software developers in 2022. While there are a lot of mobile and Web app development companies in Bangalore, it can be tricky to choose a versatile developer that fits your needs, especially if you come from a non-technical background. Here are the ten things that will guide you while hiring software developers:

  1. Have a clear picture of what you want

One needs to decide what kind of a website they are looking for and which features will be required. Should it have an AI-powered Chabot or a payment gateway, amazing graphics, or should it be a simple website displaying some information? A clear and specific picture of the functionalities required in the website is of extreme significance. 

  1. Decide the period and hire accordingly

Some software developers make the required software within the given period and are done with their jobs. While other software developers, not only make the required software but are also responsible for dealing with the maintenance issues and the bugs which might occur in the software. Decide whether you will be able to deal with the bugs and maintenance issues and accordingly choose the period for which you will require a developer.

  1. Understand which developers will be required

There are different types of developers; you need to be clear about which developer you will require in your project. Back-end developers are responsible for making those parts of the website which are not visible to the users. Hire them for managing the server, handling the database, and other such technicalities. Front hand developers are responsible for making those parts of the websites that the users can see and interact with. Hire them to change the layouts and make the website lucrative. Full-stack developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end skills. Hire them if you want to build an entire website from scratch.

  1. Evaluate their technical skills

When hiring software developers, it is essential to ensure that they are proficient in the coding language required for the needs of your website. While posting the hiring needs, include these languages so that candidates who do not know about these stay away.

  1. Make sure they have experience

Although anyone can make a website these days, it is not that easy to make a website that is functioning smoothly without the occurrence of bugs. One needs to ensure that the developers they are hiring; are professional in their services and are not some newbies who learned to make websites by watching a couple of YouTube videos. The easiest way to ensure this is to make sure that the candidates have some amount of experience. The more projects the developer would have done, the more would be their expertise.

  1. Allow remote working

Most people are aware that there is a shortage of software developers currently in the market, due to demand supply. In such a situation, restricting the developers to work from your location cuts down on a large majority of developers and reduces the chances of recruiting efficient developers who are fit for your needs.

  1. Don’t focus on fancy degrees

Software development is one of the most easily self-taught skills. Many organizations and employers restrict themselves to hiring candidates only from IITs and NITs having computer science degrees. However, by doing this they rob themselves of the opportunity to hire people from Tier 2 or 3 colleges who have better skills. Remember that most of the skills required in software development are learned by facing problems in the real world.

  1. Focus on their portfolios

Much like artists and photographers, keep a sample of their works; good software developers will have a good GitHub profile displaying their coding projects to date. Remember to look through the candidate’s GitHub profile. It is one of the most effective ways to understand the developer’s skills and knowledge.

  1. Focus on communication skills

The software developer needs to be conveyed the vision of the website or mobile application you have in mind. She/he must be able to properly understand your vision and also inform you about possible improvisations. Ensure that the software developers have good communication skills.

  1. Have paid test periods

While hiring software developers, you might come across 2 to 3 such developers who fit your needs. To choose between these developers it is advisable to make them work for a paid test period with your team and will allow you to understand them and how they operate in action.

Few Final Words

One can find many such web and mobile app development companies in Bangalore and choose the one that suits your needs. Remember that your website or mobile app will probably be one of your first interactions with your customer. You need to ensure that the website is lucrative as well as properly functioning.


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