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So, Should Gardening Become Your New Hobby?

It’s a new year and an excellent time to find your next passion. A hobby is crucial to your personal development, quality of life, and general happiness, so discover some activities to try. Find something that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It shouldn’t take years before you see any progress. For example, gardening can be really enjoyable, not to mention that it has many health and therapeutic effects. It remains within reach at any age. Gardening is one of the oldest human pastimes (and one of the most popular ones). If you’re still not convinced that gardening can add value to your life, you’ll have a change of heart after reading this. 

Gardening Just Twice a Week Improves Well-Being 

Some stress is normal, but too much stress can impact your well-being, putting you at an increased risk for anxiety, depression, and so on. Tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime, makes you feel more peaceful and content. It triggers the release of serotonin, so you feel happier and calmer. Surprising as it may seem, just repotting indoor plants can give you a substantial mood boost. In a world that refuses to stop turning and demands more and more from us, it’s nice to have a way to unwind at the end of a long day. The more time you spend cultivating your green space, the more relaxed you are.

Try to bring something you’re unfamiliar with that will pleasantly surprise you by the interesting features it displays. Growing cannabis is relaxing and therapeutic, so why don’t you give it a try? Plant autoflowering seeds in the spring when natural light is plentiful, as it will benefit your plants’ growth; the higher the intensity, the better. Autoflowering strains are obtained by crossbreeding Indica or  Sativa plants with Ruderalis, and their handy nature makes them suitable for beginner growers. Watching the leaves open up or coaxing the bulbs to bloom early is a wonderful feeling. Working in the garden is considered a privilege by many because they lack private outdoor space. Whether it’s a small balcony, a home garden, or access to a park, outdoor space is a luxury. 

Gardening Offers You a Sense of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose is closely connected to health, which means that it brings lifelong benefits. It’s associated with a lower risk of chronic conditions and premature mortality. Gardening gives you a sense of fulfillment, so you can better deal with the ups and downs of life, believing what you do is meaningful and making a positive difference. At first, gardening might look like outdoor housework. After you get used to scrabbling about in the soil, you discover its magic. Seeds might be tiny things, but they’re packed with life, with the potential for life and the ability to sustain life. 

Gardening Helps You Work Up a Sweat 

If you want to start working out but don’t want to leave the house, no problem. You can work up a sweat and maintain a level of fitness by growing and cultivating plants. Gardening is considered moderate exercise, so you can quickly burn the same calories as you would in the gym, working all major muscle groups (legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, abdomen, and back). You’ll be happy to know that gardening has a beneficial effect on BMI reduction, meaning you don’t have to bother with crash diets. Tending and cultivating a garden helps you burn roughly 300 calories per hour, so it’s great if you want to get healthier and lose inches off your waist.  

Gardening Teaches Responsibility 

Knowing you’re responsible for keeping the plants alive has an effect on how you see others. Plants take energy from the sun and nutrients from the ground to grow and produce flowers and seeds, but they need you to survive. It’s up to you to monitor the health of the green space so that it’s always healthy and beautiful. Each plant starts as seeds, and they require primary necessities. If you’ve planted seeds cannabis, you must water them once every four to seven days, but make sure the soil isn’t soaked in water. Autoflowers don’t require lots of nutrients, not only because they’re small but also because they don’t spend too much time in the vegetative state. 

When you’re a responsible person, you become a more reliable and trustworthy person. Responsibility is a fundamental attribute for men, women, and children. If you want to help your loved ones reach their full potential, encourage them to become environmentally conscious by having a family garden. Get outside and experience the natural world. Gardening is an activity that promotes closeness, so work together on a project to reinforce your bonds and improve relationships. Since you’re new to gardening, it’s a good idea to visit your local farmer’s market or ask a friend with a green thumb to help you get started. 

Gardening Is Close to Mother Nature 

Spending time inside has the advantage of protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but it’s difficult, if not impossible, to replicate the benefits of being outside. Planting a garden helps you connect to Mother Nature, which restores and rejuvenates your energy field. If you’re feeling stuck or sad, spending some time outside will immediately make you feel refreshed and more energized. There’s no better way to get in touch with Mother Nature than to plant something – it can be a flower, tree, or vegetable. When the world is crashing, and the news is so negative, it’s wonderful to have something to look for. 

All in all, there are many good reasons to take up gardening. Wear gloves, long pants, goggles, and closed-toe shoes to avoid injuries like cuts and scrapes. Also, don’t leave sharp tools lying around in the garden. Pay close attention to product direction when you’re using chemicals for the best results, and keep in mind that more isn’t necessarily better. If the label advises you to mix the product in another container, use all the mixture. If you don’t want to see insects wreak havoc on your plants, try easy control measures before resorting to the strong stuff.

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