Industrial Trailers: 5 Top Applications in 2022

Industrial trailers are considered modern logistic transportation. They play an essential role in transferring goods and equipment from one place to another. On the other hand, they are very effective in improving production efficiency. Many companies have come up with fascinating trailers for sale in Melbourne.

Most companies operating in the logistics and transportation industry try their best to curtail expenses. Besides, they are also looking forward to becoming more efficient in their working procedure. So technology is playing a vital role in improving fleet management with industrial trailers.

Industrial trailers are non-powered vehicles regarded as utility trailers for carrying and transporting goods. These utility vehicles are hauled by powered vehicles for moving around from one place to another. Even though they are regarded as industrial applications, you can use them to fulfil personal work.

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Check Out the Top 5 Industrial Trailers of 2022

  • Box Trailers
  • Cage Trailers
  • Car Carrier Trailers
  • Custom Made Trailers
  • Enclosed Trailers
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Check Out the Top 5 Industrial Trailers of 2022

There has been a phenomenal increase in the economic activity of Melbourne in the past two decades. To pace up with the brisk development, accommodating higher transportation levels is crucial. Besides, safety is also of primary importance regarding the same. And this is where the trailer market has grown exponentially compared to any other category.

You need to know that trailers have a lower transportation cost when compared to rigid trucks. So for carrying goods and equipment across Melbourne, trailers are proliferating. In this article, we will be discussing five industrial trailers that are topping the list in 2022. Let’s get started.

1.    Box Trailers

The box trailers come in various sizes ranging from 6 x 4 to 8 x 5. It has a load capacity of 600kg to 1400kg, making it easier to transport heavy goods and equipment. They come with various flooring options like Mash Floor, Checker Plate, Grip Mesh Floor, etc. Besides, they are incorporated with heavy duty jerry can holders where you can alw3ays store extra fuel for your vehicle.

The heavy duty drawbar is 75mm x 50mm, tagged with an 8mm safety chain. There are slipper suspensions ranging from 5 to 7 leaf. It also comes with optional hydraulic, mechanical and electrical brakes. The mudguards are sturdy and come with a side rail pipe.

The trailers are painted with two coats of paint and a single coat of zinc primer. It also comes with flat and round light options and a number plate holder. Lastly, it also comes with a spare wheel bracket. You can use the box trailers for moving bulky and heavy materials from one place to another.

2.    Cage Trailers

The leading trailer manufacturers supply quality cage trailers for moving voluminous materials from one place to another. They are made from top-grade raw materials by using the latest technology. All the materials used adheres to the Australian Design Regulations and quality standards.

The cage trailers are easy to use and operate because they are sturdy and can bear heavy loads. And these are in huge demand, especially in the suburbs. They are used primarily for transporting animals and birds.

3.    Car Carrier Trailers

The car carrier trailers come with unique designs, shapes and sizes. It can carry loads ranging from 2000kg to 4500kg GVM. They are usually incorporated with a full checker plate. These kinds of trailers are generally required for towing cars.

It comes with a high load-bearing capacity with an optimum finishing touch. Besides, it also has a robust construction and is highly durable, resulting in optimum performance.

4.    Custom Made Trailers

Many custom-made trailers come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. They are custom built according to the requirements and specifications of the customers.

You can also go for a custom-made trailer as this will provide you with a flexible option. You need to provide a sketch design to the manufacturer, and they will construct it accordingly.

5.    Enclosed Trailers

These are the smartest looking trailers ever to exist, as they are covered from all sides. It provides the ultimate protection to the goods and equipment you carry around inside it. In other words, the enclosed trailers offer absolute security to your belongings from hazardous weather conditions.

To Conclude

Whether you purchase a caged trailer or an enclosed trailer, it is essential to consider some factors. Go through the specifications thoroughly and check whether or not they satisfy your needs. And only then make an informed decision to buy one.

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