The 7 Dos and Don’ts of moving your furniture from an apartment

Moving is almost an inevitable part of a person’s life. At one point or the other, there is the time for changing apartments or moving into a new office. It is an exciting yet tedious process that requires the right knowledge and skill to carry out. A lot of items will have to be arranged and properly packaged for easy mobility. One of the most difficult items to move is the furniture.

These items are usually bulky and prone to damage especially when they are not properly handled. Even the slightest move in the wrong direction can cause scratches to these furnitures, so there is a need to understand the method for properly moving these items.

Are you thinking of moving to a new apartment but worried about how to move your pieces of furniture? Worry not, because here you will find every tip you need to successfully and easily move your furniture to your new apartment. These tips will help you avoid damage to your furniture, saving the cost of repair, and also aid easy movement to your new apartment or office.

Remove any obstructions

Moving would require that a lot of material are displaced and this may cause obstruction. With a lot of obstructions on the way, it may be difficult to move your furniture easily. So before you start to move your furniture, clear out all the bags and boxes that are scattered around the house. This way, you have enough room to easily move your furniture. It will also help to avoid accidents that may occur from tripping over objects.

Maintain the right posture when lifting items

Maintain a proper posture when lifting furniture. Keep your back straight while in a squatting position, straighten your legs and keep the item close to your chest. This posture will help you avoid injury and you can have a good hold of the item. Also, make sure you do not lift the furniture above your shoulder level, it can hurt your back. Lifting items in the wrong posture can make the work difficult and cause more painful after-effect.

Make sure all your packing supplies are ready

This is one of the major preliminary steps to take before you start moving your furniture. Make sure that your packing supplies are already in place, these could be bubble wraps, old newspapers or shredded paper, markers, and stretch wrap. Make sure to wrap the furniture in a stretch wrap before you put them in the lorry.

These packing items helps to preserve the quality of your furniture while you travel, it protects the items from dust and scratches which are almost inevitable when moving furnitures. It also saves you the stress of driving back to the hardware store to replace damaged furnitures.

Move each item as it requires

There are different methods for moving each item in your apartment. For the couch, sofas, and armrests, clean the furniture then secure it with stretch wrap. Disassemble tables and chairs before packing them. Keep the screws properly so they don’t get misplaced, you can try grouping them according to the table or chair that they belong to; this will make it easy for you to reassemble the furniture again. You can also use this method for the bed frames. For the bed, remove the mattress, dust it up, and wrap it with a stretch wrapper.

Know the best storage facility for your furniture

In case you are moving to a far distance, you may need to keep your furniture in a storage facility. Therefore, to preserve the quality of these items you need to use a storage facility that suits the furniture. Furniture can get damaged if stored at the wrong temperature, so be sure to look up what temperature suits these items.

Have domestic removal insurance policies

Although this is not the most cost-friendly step for moving furniture, it is very crucial that you consider it. Even though no one plans to have their items damaged in the course of moving, it is good to make plans for it. Keep your properties insured, this will give you peace of mind when transporting these items and also when storing them. However, confirm that your insurance policy covers damage for domestic removal. While there are insurance companies that cover this, there are others that don’t.

Don’t be in a haste, take it slow

Do not rush the process, take one furniture at a time. Move slowly across the other items in the room. If you can not move any furniture alone, ask someone to help you with it. Think of how you want to navigate your way out of the room with a furniture before you actually lift the furniture. Without properly strategizing how you want to carry furniture, you may find yourself stuck in a position, and unable to move the furniture out.

Don’t twist and turn while carrying furnitures

Avoid twisting yourself when carrying the furniture. Rather than twisting or turning, use your feet to guide you through the room and gently move out with the item. Take it slow and easy.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure you can handle the stress of having to move your furniture all by yourself with all the lifting and lugging, hiring a removal service will take the weight off your shoulders. Removalists are specifically trained to handle both heavy and fragile items, so you can be sure your furnitures are in safe hands.

Although it costs more, it saves you the whole trouble; all you need to do is supervise and watch how the work is going. It also helps to minimize accidents since these workers are skilled at what they do.

Also, since you will need special packing materials to protect your furniture while you move them, it comes as a bonus because most removal companies will stock these packing materials themselves and may even wrap your items for you. So have less stress to deal with, and your furniture are protected.

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