How To Successfully Host An Event Using The Power Of Social Media

We all are aware of the power of social media. Whether it’s about increasing the reach throughout, selling tickets, or getting your attendees engaged, it has become a one-stop destination to cater to all your needs.

When it comes to hosting events, how can we forget to use the power of social media? However, it is very important to know the right tips and strategies to use it.

If you’re confused about how to use it, then you have come to the right place. This blog will give you some of the best ideas, tips, and strategies to effectively use social media for virtual events.

Top 9 Ways To Use Social Media For Hosting Your Events

1.   Choose Your Platform Wisely

With so many social media platforms available, it is important to opt for a platform that will align with all your event’s objectives.

Promoting your event on the correct platform helps you in reaching out to your target audience easily. For instance, if your event is all about business and tactics then, LinkedIn would be a better option than any other network.

Similarly, if your event is a live concert, workshop, or any interactive performance then Instagram and Facebook would work best in serving all your needs.

This is a major element while hosting an event after all you don’t want all your social efforts to reach anyone, that’s a waste of time and energy.

2.   Create A Hashtag

Hashtags play a prime role in creating buzz for your event. Create an appealing hashtag for your event. Let your attendees use it on their social media posts.

Don’t forget to use it yourself on your social media posts to increase two-way interaction.

However, do not confine your hashtags to just social media posts. Make sure to utilize them in all possible networks be it a digital newsletter, email signatures, or your sponsor’s website.

3.   Be Consistent

When it comes to using social media platforms, the key element is to be consistent. Giving timely updates, posting your videos, pictures help in getting your audience engaged.

However, you need to be careful about posting content for your events. Choose the correct time, neither too early nor too late. Read more about Top earning celebrities on Instagram.

Posting every day might irritate many of your targeted audience thereby, you may lose a hold onto them.

If you do not post on regular basis then your audience might even forget about the event because of the availability of a number of distractions on social media.

4.   Effortless Purchasing Of Tickets

Many people buy something after its discovery on social media. Make sure that you take the route of your social media discovery to ticket selling in the most hassle-free manner.

Keep in mind your ticket selling is as frictionless on mobile as on desktop. Many people purchase tickets via mobile devices as compared to desktop.

5.   Make Use Of Scarcity Motivator

Advertising your ticket scarcity on social media is a good option to boost ticket sales.

Inform people that there is only a minimum number of tickets available so that they quickly click on the buy now button.

You can show it like only 3 VIP seats left, only for today 10% discount on the tickets and so on.

6.   Use Social Wall

The social wall helps in giving real-time updates and brings content from different social media platforms into a single unified feed.

You can use it to display a variety of content derived using your event’s hashtag. This would create not only excitement among the people but would also help in increasing the engagement and attraction.

7.   Look For A Chance To Livestream

Livestreaming your event helps in gaining massive popularity and engagement. It is growing at a lightning speed.

Many people prefer watching the event on Livestream as compared to when it’s no longer live.

You can use many platforms like Facebook live, InterCall, Ustream, etc.

8.   After Event Video

To encourage further engagements too, turn videos from the event into compelling content. This would help in driving more traffic.

The footage can come from a variety of sources be it a professional videographer, video shared by the attendees, or someone from the team itself.

9.   Ask For Feedbacks

You can send a post-event survey or a feedback form on your attendee’s mobile devices after the event.

Getting feedbacks would help you in getting a basic structure of what all things worked out in the event and what all did not.

This will help you plan your next event in a better way.  You can even give a firefly reminder about it on social media so that everyone is notified about it and you get the maximum feedback.

Let’s Wind It Up!

So these were some of the best ideas and tips that you can incorporate in your event while using the power of social media.

If you have not used them yet, the time has arrived now!

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