How to Connect Headset to Xbox Without Adapter

Headphones are those wearables and gadgets that are not only useful for their easy connectivity and pairing to mobile phones, laptops, and computers but also show super-efficient control systems and the latest technological features. Headphone notifications are the same features that we are talking about. However, you may have to turn these notifications off at any time. To know how to turn off headphone notifications you should take out your headphones first.

This article is all about headphone notifications and how to turn these notifications off while they are connected to your devices. Let’s read about these things in detail. 

What are headphone notifications?

Headphone notifications are those notifications or reminders that usually come or appear on the device to which you have connected your headphones. These notifications are the kinds of messages related to the different applications of your mobile phones such as when your device receives a message or an email, you will get notified instantly. 

Headphone notifications let you know that your device’s audio volume is within limits or exceeding its limits. These are the pretty cool and amazing features of your headphones. Keep in mind that these notifications reach you by Google Assistant. 

How can you turn off headphone notifications?

Turning off headphone notifications is not difficult. You just need to repeat the given mentioned steps by following proper tips and tricks. 

  • To start this journey, you will have to take a proper start by hearing notifications from your headphones.
  • There is a touch area on your headphone where you will find a button on
  • You need to press this button to ask Google Assistant to read all kinds of notifications for you.
  • For turning any kind of headphone notification, you need to give the command to Google by saying “Hey Google” and then it will automatically open your Google Assistant. 
  • This step will take you to your Google Assistant Settings. 
  • There you will have to tap “Devices”
  • Go to Personal and find your headphone spoken notifications there
  • When you have found this spoken notification feature, you will have to turn it off this spoken notification. 
  • This thing will ultimately help you turn off your headphone notifications. 

Can you find ease in your routine tasks by turning off headphone notifications?

When you disable your headphone notifications on your device you will be better able to bring ease to your life in most of your activities. For example, you can talk to your friends uninterruptedly. You can also watch a movie peacefully because there would be no distractions your way and you will get a smooth user experience from your headphones. That’s why you will have to turn these notifications off.


Well, the best way how to turn off headphone notifications is already added to this article. You just need to follow all the important steps here and will find you much ease while you are using your headphones. Can you recommend some headphone brands? SoundCore headphone is a good choice. Its headphones are built with several built-in control features and there are easy steps that you can follow to turn such notifications off.

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