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DHA City Karachi

Pakistan’s most populous city Karachi is a short drive away from the development, situated near Bahria Town, another high-tech housing development in the city. The Defense Housing Authority oversees the project. A 20,000-acre expanse, DHA City in Pakistan’s first-ever ecological, smart, and green city. A total of 16 sectors makes up the structure. One of the most notable features is the high-quality solar energy park built to address the problem of low electricity. The region’s inhabitants will have a constant electrical supply thanks to the solar project. Attracting many properties investors & estate hunters, architects with extraordinary skills developed the home project. There are various services and facilities in the development, along with a tramway network for travelling within DHA City, Karachi, in contrast to investment.

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Karachi’s Gadap Town, DHA City, is located around 55 kilometers from the city’s center and near the M-9 Motorway. According to our research, DHA Karachi is only 20 kilometers from Toll Plaza, whereas Bahria Town, Karachi, is 38 minutes away by car. As a result of the Malir Motorway’s construction, the journey connecting Karachi’s main city to DHA City will be significantly reduced. In fact, a two-hour commute will be reduced to one hour.

Residential Plots in DHA City Karachi

DCK is offering different sizes of plots:

  • 120 sq. yards
  • 200 sq. yards
  • 300 sq. yards
  • 500 sq. yards
  • 1000 sq. yards
  • 2000 sq. yards.

Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi

Farmhouses in DHA City Karachi range in size from 2000 to 3000 square feet and are available in various configurations. DHA Oasis is the name given to this farm project. In the process, however, construction occurs according to global standards.

Commercial Properties in DHA City Karachi

DHA City Karachi is home to various commercial properties that can be purchased. Commercial plots range from 200 square yards to 2000 square yards.

Prominent Sectors for Investment

There is no denying that DHA City itself is an excellent investment opportunity, but several industries are particularly attractive to investors because of their high demand. These are the five most important sectors:

  • Sector 6
  • Sector 14
  • Sector 9
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 2

Way of life in DHA City Karachi

  • Malls

There is a large mall area in DHA City Karachi. There will be six malls in this community in the coming years that will feature both domestic and international brands.

  • Restaurants

DHA City is situated in an ideal position, with many restaurants along M-9 within a short distance. They include Madina Hotel, Burraq Restaurants, Al-Jeddah eatery and KFC, among others.

  • Parks

Two theme parks are planned for DHA City Karachi, one on the north and one on the south. Additional Lake View Parks would be created in this location as well. The lake is distributed over 13 acres of property in this 55-acre park, making it the centerpiece.

Why Invest in DHA City Karachi?

DHA City Karachi’s investors and people have come to trust the project. Since DHA has always committed to providing high-quality housing communities at the most accessible prices in Pakistan, trust and confidence come between the two parties. DHA City Karachi is a triumph on its own. The most appealing aspect of DHA City Karachi is its opulent and safe living conditions. This is a high-end residential development with a specific focus on top-notch infrastructure. It isn’t easy to find a property with this amount of infrastructure and amenities at a reasonable price in Pakistan.

Kingdom Valley may also a profitable option for investment.

Summertime in Karachi is infamous for its sweltering heat and oppressive humidity. Karachi Electric routinely has power outages. The DHA City Karachi administration has built up its solar plant to fix this issue once and for all, and it plans to expand it over time to meet the power requirements of the entire community shortly. DHA City Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, has homes for sale in the ideal position in Karachi. DHA City Karachi is like a vision come true regarding location, infrastructure, and affordability because these are the main advantages of investing here.

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