China Eastern Plane Crashes: Live Updates

In a terrifying moment, a China Eastern Airlines plane went down in the southern Chinese countryside, killing all 133 aboard. Survivors were rushed to the crash site by rescue teams, which reported seeing smoke and flames rising from the mountainside. The initial Chinese news reports said the Boeing 737 had crashed near the town of Tengxian, which is located in Guangxi province. There were no immediate reports of casualties, but the crash was a tragic incident.

According to initial accounts, the jet crashed in Teng County, Guangxi, while flying from Kunming, China’s southwest, to Guangzhou, China’s far south. There were 132 individuals on board, including 123 passengers and nine crew members.

According to Chinese television news, about 300 rescue workers were rushing to arrive at the disaster site by evening hours, with another 150 planned to arrive later that night. According to flight information, the plane, which was roughly seven years old, had been flying smoothly until it unexpectedly dropped altitude around 2:20 pm.

China Plane Crash 

Several aircraft were involved in the crash, including a Boeing 737-800. The airliner was recalled from commercial service after previous accidents. The crash also caused a mountain fire yet to be put out. State television canceled all flights to the area, and rescue teams were dispatched to the area. Local media reports said the flight MU5735 had failed to land in Guangzhou. They did not immediately return a message to the airline.

There have been numerous reports of crashes since the crash. A Boeing 737 Max jet, which has previously crashed and not returned to commercial use, was involved in the crash. The first fatal accident involving a 737-800 occurred in June 2013, when a Chinese airliner crashed near Beijing. The surviving pilot was not injured. The passengers were rushed to hospitals, but dozens were still missing.

The Civil Aviation Administration says the flight crashed near the mountainside. The aircraft was at 3225 feet at the time of the crash. It was scheduled to land at 3:05 pm local time. Although the aircraft had a good safety record, watching the footage is still very scary. The plane’s engines were burning, and the wreckage and smoke were seen on the mountain. It was a rare occurrence, but the incident is now being investigated.

The pilot of a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 has reportedly died in the crash. The aircraft crashed in a mountainous area. The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration activated its emergency response system. Fortunately, no one was injured. Nevertheless, the accident is the most significant single airline crash in the country’s history. It is a tragic event. The crew’s bodies are believed to be at the crash site.

The plane was in the air for an hour before it crashed. The aircraft was nearing its destination and had reached the crash site. A plume of smoke was seen. According to FlightRadar24 data, the plane landed at 3,225 ft. As of this writing, the accident is under investigation. It is unclear if there were any survivors of the two aircraft.

After the crash, rescue operations have started to reach the crash site. The airline’s Boeing 737 was reportedly in its final stages of preparation when it suddenly disappeared from the sky. Despite the chaos, dozens of people have been injured, some have died, and the flight has been grounded, with no survivors reported. However, there is a strong possibility that the plane’s pilot was killed in the crash.

The crash happened on Saturday afternoon in southern China. As of this moment, rescue teams are on the scene searching for survivors. The Chinese government has urged people to keep the public informed at this stage. The latest updates are available through the airline’s official website. The crash is still ongoing. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported. Hundreds of rescue workers and authorities were en route to the scene.

The Chinese airline’s website has turned black and white. The plane’s occupants were not injured. The plane has been working for six years. The plane had no passengers. A Boeing 737 jet, which is a prevalent type of plane, has the lowest fatality rate of any commercial airline globally. Its crash reports have been posted to the company’s official Twitter account and the official site of the National Transport Safety Commission.

A crash that has left 132 people dead and dozens injured is the biggest disaster in China’s airline industry this decade. A Boeing 737-800 departed from Kunming at 13:11 local time and was scheduled to arrive in Guangzhou at 15:05. Its fate is unknown, but the number of passengers has been rescued. If this aircraft is the cause of the crash, the victims have been identified. In the afternoon, firefighters in Teng County were first notified of a suspected aviation accident when villagers reported finding plane debris.

Final Words

A Passenger plane operated by China Eastern Airlines crashed. While the cause of the crash is still unknown, authorities have confirmed that there have been fatalities. We have given you the available information in this post. You can read the post for the data about the china plane crash.

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