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The Falaknaz Group, a name that is known to have created miracles when it comes to real estate, comes to you with another successful project, The Dream Villas. The project is under development and has been nearing completion with each passing day and has been considered to be amongst the most innovative additions to the landscape of Karachi.

If investing in Dream Villas is one of the many business decisions at the back of your head, it is time to act upon it and take the leap of faith as this project is sure to provide you with results well-deserved.

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Located At Perfection

One thing that can make or break the value of real estate is the location it is situated in and its proximity to other important landmarks. The Dream Villas satisfies all these criteria to the utmost degree as it is located at arguably the most prime location in Karachi. This is due to its close proximity to, Indus Mehran Society, Malir Cantt, RCD ground, Jinnah International Airport, Dolmen Mall Hyderi, Nehal Hospital Hospital, and so much more.

Experience An Ultramodern Lifestyle

To make the real estate project a modern suburban dream come true, it comes with all the facilities and amenities one would need for the finest living experience. The aim of The Dream Villas is to make an ideal community where you would want to live.

This, of course, comes with sustainable and planned community development ensuring public facilities such as a good drainage system, security via CCTV cameras, recreational spots and so much more.

125sq Villa Inspired Homes Availability

If you’re wondering what you are going to be investing in then let us walk you through what The Dream Villas homes aim to look like. As the name suggests, these homes are built capturing the essence of a lavish villa with a homely suburban feel.

The most unique feature of the project is the uniformity of all the villas to be 125sq with a similar design. Above all, it affords its owners a spacious terrace which is often a luxury in homes this size. Keeping all the features in mind, these homes meet very high standards.

When it comes to investment, you’d be pleased to know there’s a variety to choose from. Many single-story houses, as well as single-unit houses, are up for sale.  Whilst, residential plots can also be purchased in the project.

Latest Progress and Updates

Being Karachi’s largest growing housing project, The Dream Villas is reaching its stage of completion. Less than 10% of the initial development and construction work is left, whilst the rest has been completed in accordance with proper building standards.

Almost all the houses have sound structures and have moved towards paintwork and the final touches. After a launch event in September 2021, this gated community is almost ready to welcome its people.

This video proves a key insight into what the homes of this project look like and what the future of this gated community would be. Such uniformity, luxury, and security is a suburban living dream come true.

High Investment Returns and Affordability

The Dream Villas is an MDA and SBCA approved project, hence investing in it does not come with risks. The only thing they have to offer is the guarantee of high investment returns and affordable property prices.

Two of the main reasons why this project makes a good investment are:

  • For its price and size of the homes, it offers many amenities along with luxurious additional features that can easily be attained through attractive payment plans.
  • The price of real estate is estimated to significantly increase in a short period of two years, which makes it a great investment for the future.

Book Your Villas Now

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to give yourself the best living experience one can afford, then proceed with filling up the form. A representative will get in touch with you shortly after to move things forward from there.

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