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Best Fashion Podcasts We Love To Binge This 2021

As seasons change from summer to fall, to winter, and back to spring, so do fashion! We live in a fast-changing world and adapting to the various changes around and within us is a must.

We have come to an era where the growing phenomenon of fashion podcasts is the refuge for classy style advice. Thus, we put our earphones on and savor the wisdom of the fashion icons we look up to in the industry media. Podcasting has brought a fresh and dynamic platform to address the urgency of our dressing up and styling needs. From work-from-home outfits to smart casual and street-style looks, they’ve got it all covered for those in hunt of the glam light and for those who simply want to learn more about fashion.

There’s a wide array of selections for fashion audios and recordings. If you’re looking for the best ones to binge on, here are some of the top picks where you can deep dive into the fashion industry!

Fashion Podcasts You Should Listen To

Overwhelm your senses with these great finds on fashion-oriented perspectives. These selections are the most played and most requested of all fashion recordings for all the fashion aficionados out there.

1. Dressed: The History of Fashion

If you’re on the hunt for the classy and trendy wardrobe selections with a dateline, this podcast serves you just right! Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan’s series under iHeartRadio unveils both the past and present clothing standards and preferences. You will have yourself accustomed to time traveling with this fantastic series. You’d definitely appreciate the fun talks, intellect, and wit of these lady hosts when it comes to fashion. This is a great avenue to expand your knowledge about the fashion industry as it uncovers dressing up during historic times aside from today’s modern clothing and will enable you to recognize iconic references and differences of both eras. For starters, try their series called “The Red Menace”.

2. The Business of Fashion

Not surprisingly, The Business of Fashion (BoF) made it to our top picks, too! This is the hub for you if you’re interested in the economic side of the fashion industry. This podcast is hosted by CEO Imran Amed, intentionally bringing you the biggest names in fashion designing, investing, and business venturing ideas. Great series audience binge includes Transforming Luxury. Trending on BoF today is “Fashion’s Favourite-Ever Collaboration: Balenciaga and ‘The Simpsons”.

3. In Vogue: The 1990s

If you’re a fashion aficionado, you surely wouldn’t miss Vogue’s fashion podcast for the world! In this podcast, Vogue’s International editor-at-large Hamish Bowles tackles 13 episodes that explore the trends of the ‘90s and early 2000s in modern society. The series concentrates on what the ‘90s fashion has greatly contributed in the fashion world that made such clothing styles timeless and classic wardrobes of today. Renowned for featuring celebrities in the spotlight in their magazines, the podcast is star-studded as well – they’ve brought Tom Ford himself for an all-exclusive interview about his ‘90s Gucci designs. 

4. Corporate Lunch

GQ Editors Noah Johnson, Rachel Tashjian, and Samuel Hine host this fashion podcasting series that sits right at the fashion zeitgeist. Their guests include singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Aaron Lee Tasjan as well as literary playwrights Nico Walker and Rachel Rabbit White. You can imagine the fun talks revolving not just around fashion itself, but expanding into wider horizons and perspectives. Talk about going outside the box of fashion! You wouldn’t exhaust yourself out of boredom when you binge this fashion-oriented series with people who share their perspectives and expertise on fashion while coming from different industries.

5. Wardrobe Crisis With Clare Press

Wardrobe Crisis is the essential hub for ethical fashion. So if you’re a modest dresser and a fan of all things sustainability, this is a safe haven for your ears. This podcast is presented by Australia’s Vogue Clare Press, and has emerged as one of the most-requested fashion audios since Press’ approach is not discriminatory, never judging nor patronizing, while having episodes that question women’s and men’s clothing preferences. Being Australia’s Vogue, Press highlights the work of Native Australian designers in her podcasts. These are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.


6. The Cutting Room Floor

Brave, bold, and confident – you will unarguably learn more about fashion as The Cutting Room Floor discusses even the historically taboo topics in the fashion industry! Available on its website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, this podcast hosted by New York-based designer Recho Omondi concentrates deeply on the mystery of fashion from the inside. Omondi recently focused on young and new designers. Her vocal guests include Bethann Hardison, Heron Pratson, and Diet Prada who confidently braved the challenges faced in the industry as fashion revolutionizes from time to time. The Cutting Room Floor airs every other Wednesday at 8:01 am so watch out!

7. Chanel Connects

Can’t get enough of the Chanel collection madness? Well, here’s a channel for Chanel-inspired fashion talks. Inspired by Coco Chanel, this podcast is the latest platform to go to for style advice showcasing various celebrity personalities from the world of fashion. This lets you immerse into the mind of the creative talents behind Chanel. Isn’t it just amazing? Another contributing factor to this podcast’s success is that Chanel Connect publishes selected episodes in French, while their runway episodes are available in various other languages! Yay!

Fashion Podcast Series To Binge

Wherever, whenever, enjoy these fashion-oriented podcasts in your pockets at your convenience. Whether it’s for fangirling, for staying tuned for the latest fashion trends, for being the most up-to-date fashion aficionado in the group, or for just expanding your knowledge about fashion, these podcasts are perfect for your ears. What are you waiting for? Put those headphones on and savor your favorite fashion feels.


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