Before Your Virtual CoolSculpting Consultation, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

During the COVID19 quarantine, we began offering virtual consultations. We loved them as much as you did! This was such a creative and exciting approach to address all of your concerns about fat freezing and to educate you on who we are and what we stand for. That’s why, even when we all surface and return to regular “non-quarantine” life, we’ve chosen to keep giving virtual visits for educational purposes in the future!

Before your virtual CoolSculpting consultation with Element Body Lab, here’s what you should know.

Preparing for a virtual consultation.

You may now schedule a virtual CoolSculpting consultation with us right here on our website! The meeting can be conducted by Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo, or a simple phone call. When you book with us online, we’ll ask about your preferences.

Plan on the appointment taking around 30 minutes, and leave plenty of time before and after so you don’t feel hurried while you’re with us.

Make sure it’s at a moment when you’ll be able to speak freely and honestly.

On the day of your appointment, take some time to settle down and make sure it’s quiet.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet through WiFi.

Remember to complete your online paperwork ahead of time.

Print your DIY template tools (see below for additional information!)

Our virtual visits are meant to be instructive, but they are not a replacement for medical advice.

You’ll have a virtual meeting with a CoolSculpting Expert who will explain the technique and provide general information on fat freezing dubai . We’ll also discuss treatment ideas based on the experiences of other people we’ve helped and provide pricing based on those instances. When you’re ready to begin treatment, you’ll need to meet with a medical professional (either our medical director or a certified PA/NP from our practice) who will review your medical history and conduct a physical exam in accordance with Texas Administrative Code 193.17.

Their mission is to keep you secure and protect you. Understand that CoolSculpting is a prescription procedure, and you’ll need to visit Element Body Lab for a “medical clearance” appointment before paying for or receiving treatment. This is a complimentary medical assessment provided by a member of the Element Body Lab clinical staff as part of your “consultation process” at our facility. Most customers have their medical examination on the day of their treatment, however if you prefer, we may schedule an in-person appointment prior to treatment.

We’ll provide you all the resources you need to conduct your own assessment. You’ll require a printer…

We like explaining how CoolSculpting works to our customers. We’ll provide you our template sizes and show you how to complete a DIY evaluation as part of your video consultation. To receive the most accurate cost estimate, you’ll need a printer. It is not needed, but being able to follow along is beneficial.

Prior to your video consultation, we recommend printing out the templates we send you through email. While we’re on our virtual visit, we’ll explain how the templates are positioned to obtain the greatest CoolSculpting results, and we’ll guide you through the cost based on your own DIY evaluation. Your self-assessment, together with the knowledge and experience of your CoolSculpting Specialist, will aid in the development of a treatment cost estimate.

Uploading a snapshot of the region you’re most thrilled to sculpt is useful.

We want to provide you with the most accurate information possible based on prior client experiences. It will assist us direct the dialogue if you share a photo of the region you’re most thrilled to sculpt to the portal (which is HIPAA compliant). We’ll provide you guidance before the virtual tour if we need more angles and/or views of that region, or if there are many areas you’re considering.

Photographic advice: Show us what you see or what irritates you. If you stoop over and show us your lower tummy, that’s what we want to see. Show us your bra fat in specific clothing if that’s the case. Let’s speak about whatever it is that you’re observing, annoyed by, or want to see changed. Well, not everyone likes to fault their tummy, especially those who have a loose, saggy lower portion. For them, tummy tuck is a prime solution for getting rid of tummy fat.

Be aware that the cost offered is an estimate…

When we talk to prospective customers about CoolSculpting, we always give an estimate during virtual consultations. Because the entire treatment plan is established by a medical practitioner, full price is subject to medical examination and clearance. Our CoolSculpting in Dubai Experts make themselves accessible depending on their office experience, but the plan may change as we transition from online to in-person.

It’s easy to be fooled by appearances. To acquire a precise pricing quotation, we need to meet you in person, pinch your targeted areas, and measure you. Our virtual consultation estimates are typically accurate, and we’ll clarify any potential differences with you when we chat.

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