Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smartwatch Review

I’ve tried a variety of smartwatches in the past but none has even come close to that WearOS experience I had with the OG Huawei Watch. Its Huawei Watch Fit is elegant because its simple design and features have a lot in common; however, smartwatches that are similar remain “basic” as they get thought of as fitness-focused watches. This Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is one of the smartwatches that has amazed me with its performance but it’s not without flaws.

The issue with the majority of smartwatches I’ve encountered is that software support is usually insufficient. It’s a common occurrence that Huawei’s watches are visually appealing with useful features, frequently do not have the features I’d like to see. For instance, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro still isn’t perfect, however, the apps that come preinstalled by Huawei can be found in dozens and offer a wealth of flexibility that I’ve never experienced from a non-WearOS smartwatch before. This is one of the Best Smartwatches under 20000.

Design and Comfort

Its Amazfit GTR 3 Pro adopts an extremely simple design with a unidirectional screen with small bezels and two crowns at the upper and lower right-hand side. The leather straps in brown that comes with my device are uncomfortable after an extended period of time. It may cause my wrist to be itchy too. In normal wear, it’s fine and is easily forgotten about for the majority of time. The display can be extremely bright with auto-brightness and is a high resolution too, coming in at 331 PPI. The display is fully legible even in bright sunlight, especially when wake-to-raise is turned on.

From a distance, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro looks like a regular-looking watch particularly when the always-on-display feature is activated. Its top button will open the list of apps which can be turned to scroll down and up through menus. The bottom button is given a particular function and, by default, it will lead you to a workout list that you can pick from. The design itself isn’t exceptional with regard to this specific smartwatch however that’s not necessarily something to be concerned about.

On the back of the watch are sensors for the heart rate as well as SpO2 sensors. Also, there are two charging pins that connect to the charger as well as the regulatory information. Overall it’s not the most innovative design, but watch designs are always personal and subjective. The most common complaint with the style is the fact that somehow I’ve managed to get an unattractive scratch to the display. I’m not sure how I did this. Also Read, How to Delete Free Fire Account Permanently?

Charge and battery life

Its Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has an impressive battery life of around 1 week on one charge during my use. I utilize it with the on-all-time display with no notifications, daily tracking of walking with GPS on as well as SpO2 and heart rate tracking throughout the daytime. To track sleep it also has sleep breathing quality turned on.

In terms of charging time, I’m dissatisfied. I’ve seen watches that charge more quickly than this with an advertised charge time of up to two hours. It’s charging a bit faster than the other and can reach 90% within 10 minutes and an hour. If you are finding trending buzz then visit

Zepp OS

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is powered by Zepp OS and, while I’ve discovered that its features are top-of-the-line in my experiences of smartwatch operating systems that are proprietary, however, it’s not the most user-friendly. packed with bugs. The watch has crashed when it is At the very minimum Every two days, the device sometimes stops working in the middle of menus. I’m not sure whether this is an issue with Zepp OS problem or the Zepp application’s fault, but I’m having difficulty connecting the device to my Android smartphone. It’s working perfectly with my iPhone 13 Pro It fails to properly sync data after being connected to my Google Pixel 6 Pro or my OPPO X3 Pro. It was actually my OPPO Find X3 Pro that hindered this review as I was unable to review it using an Android smartphone, however, I was able once I was using an iPhone. I’ve found this app for my iPhone consumes lots of battery when it’s running in the background as well.

Apart from the bugs in the software, Zepp OS is probably the best operating system for smartwatches that I’ve ever used, aside from the limitations of Wear OS. It’s loaded with options and the application (when it’s functioning) is among the most enjoyable I’ve tried. There’s also an inbuilt Alexa which works in conjunction with Wi-Fi and an on-demand voice assistant which can perform basic tasks. There are sunset and sunrise times and an accelerometer (that can also tell whether you’re moving upwards or downhill) as well as a temperature sensor (that isn’t quite sure if it will be very accurate, since it states that I’m 31.6degC currently) and the option to write notes straight to your wrist.

The operating system is easy to use and simple to use, with no noticeable lag or hiccups most of the time. In general, if there’s any lag it is possible for the device to fail and restart within a few minutes. I’ve also experienced it freezing at times when I open the upper section, which contains several quick switches.

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