7 Ways Technology Makes Sports More Exciting

How technology has been utilized to enhance sports gives us an abundance of excitement. The level of entertainment these advancements have brought on is tremendous as well. For now, let’s look at the technological contributions that have been made in sports over the years, focusing on a few specific advances and how they have shaped our current world of sports.

1) Live Streaming

Live Streaming has dramatically changed how viewers across the world watch sports. No longer is live television required to follow a match, as fans have many streaming options at their disposal. Instead of having to exist in two vastly different worlds, those who want to watch a sporting event can do so with the convenience of their smartphone or laptop. Gone are the days of illegally streaming a game, as dedicated websites host the content legally. Instead, the viewers enjoy a spread of high-quality streams and on-demand options. One of the most common live-streaming options is YouTube, which pulls billions of views daily. Streamers can also monetize their YouTube channels and get paid for the views they pull in.

2) Interactions On Social Media

Thanks to social media, fans have more of a connection to their favorite athletes than they ever have before. Social media allows athletes to reach out to millions with a single click, communicating with them and engaging in conversation. But on a larger, more regular scale, the one where we see social media and sports collide is with memes. The legendary Disappointed Cricket Fan meme is still going strong after it first appeared on June 12, 2019, and has generated billions of interactions from across the globe. Suppose one is alone during a sports event stream. In that case, it is as simple as logging onto Twitter, where fans from all across the world are partaking in heated debates, critical analyses of performances, and setting the internet on fire with heated debates. It’s come to a point where sports events seem incomplete without social media these days.

3)  Online Betting

With online betting becoming more popular, our view of our favorite sports is changing. Online betting has become a rising industry embedded in today’s pop culture. Those who bet on sports online can follow their favorite leagues in real-time and make predictions with their mobile devices, making it easy to place wagers. The best part about online betting is that fans who aren’t from the area of play can still participate, as they can bet on games from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection.

4) Video Gaming Technology

Thanks to video gaming technology, we can be transported into the world of sports in place of the actual players. VR or Virtual Reality has become a major component in sports, allowing fans to experience what it would be like to be on the field or court. From a player’s perspective, many have found that this technology enables them to understand better the world of sports, which can be useful if one wants to become involved in sports. For example, if one is interested in playing as a wide receiver for a football team, they could practice with new tech VR by catching passes and train for improved reflexes.

5) Customized Marketing

Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to reach out to the public and make them notice your product or brand. Technologies such as Instagram allow companies to create photo and video posts designed specifically for their target audience. With this, they can receive instant feedback on how they should improve their product or service. Besides that, it is extremely easy for fans to get merchandise for the teams they support from the comfort of their homes. Merchandise is already a huge market internationally, pulling in billions every year. But to put into perspective just how much the demand is for online merch, consider that the global revenue for 2021 in this sector was around 193 billion U.S. dollars when most of the world was on lockdown.

6) Instant Replay Surveillance Systems

In any sport, it is an essential part of the game to make sure that no offensive or out-of-bounds plays are made. Not too long ago, people could see replays only when the play was slowed down on television, but with instant replay systems, anyone can now keep a watchful eye on the game at all times. With this system in place at many sports events, fans can be confident that no fouls or out-of-bounds plays are made in the game. In addition, with instant replay systems being in use worldwide, fans now have added security when watching their favorite team play, as they will be able to know if every play was fair and correct.

7) Electronic Tickets

The most critical component of sports is the right to have your favorite team play in your area. Whether you are a diehard fan or just a casual fan of an upcoming game, having tickets to watch the sport of your choice and attend is essential. The first step in getting tickets has always been finding an open seat, but today, fans can do this with their smartphones and tablets. This is a great advantage because it allows people to get information on when events occur and also discover what other events are going on simultaneously. Also, with the creation of websites such as Ticketmaster, almost any event can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.


It is now possible for anyone with access to the web to enjoy all the sports they want without searching for content. Most of us don’t even know if we missed a great play due to our busy schedules, but with live streams and on-demand options available for most major sporting events, it’s never been easier to catch up. Every sports event has now become an opportunity for people to get hyped, kick back with a glass of beer, and celebrate, and for that, we can thank the modern technology.

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