5 Dog Breeds That Are Suitable for a Young Family

If you are the head of a young family and you are thinking of getting a puppy, this is an exciting time for all involved (including the puppy). Of course, every breed of dog has its own unique characteristics, while we must also understand that a dog also has unique character traits that might not run with the breed in general.

To help you make the right choice, here is our top 5 list of family-friendly canines in no particular order.

1.Golden Retriever – Australia’s number one pooch, the Golden Retriever is intelligent, gentle and very loyal; indeed, many polls see the Goldie at the top of the list of family dogs. Take a trip to your nearest puppy dog grooming centre and you’re sure to see a couple of Golden Retrievers getting the treatment. This is a long hair breed that does require regular grooming; we would highly recommend this breed if you have young children.

2.Labrador – Very similar in many ways to the Golden Retriever, this is a short-haired version that was bred in England as a gun dog. They come in two colours, black or a shade of light brown/amber. As loyal as they come, labs are extremely gentle with kids yet they will fiercely protect their pack.

3.Beagle – Smaller than a lab, the Beagle is another canine bred for hunting; a scent dog with a great temperament and a bouncy attitude to life, he is an active breed who loves nothing more than a good run in the forest. Easy to train, Beagles are great defenders of their territory and pack. Good with other dogs, there is zero aggression in this pint-sized foxhound. Click here for tips on keeping the home clean when you have a pet.

4.Collie – Although bred for herding, the Collie makes for a great family pet; extremely intelligent and affectionate, this breed is ideal for the active family. Border Collies are even more energetic and are known for their intelligence and are favoured in rural environments. It should be said that there are great dogs to be found at dog rescues; every dog deserves a second chance and most people who enter a facility, leave with their forever furry friend!

5.Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel – Very much a British breed, a toy dog of the spaniel breed, he is sweet-tempered and perfect for a family that isn’t so active. He will protect the home and is great with kids of all ages. The Internet is full of free resources on dog breeds, while you can watch YouTube videos on each breed, which address every angle of dog ownership.

Every dog rescue facility is more than 50% occupied; people take on the responsibility of raising a sweet little puppy that quickly grows into a big dog and they no longer want the liability so they take the dog to a local rescue. If you are planning to bring a dog into your home, be prepared for a lifelong commitment, until death do us part and all that. Your canine family member will form an amazing bond with you and be a lifelong friend and companion.

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