7 Tips for Keeping Your House Neat When You Have Pets

Nothing can make a pets owner happy than seeing their pet healthy. Whether you own a dog or cat, you have to ensure that your furry friend stays in perfect health. But life as a pet owner can be challenging as you not only have to take care of your pet but also your house.

The presence of any pet in the house can create a mess and make your space look disorganized. Therefore, you have to find ways to keep your home clean and pet-friendly as well. Before bringing a pet to the house, gather complete information that will help you keep your house clean.

For example, if you are planning to keep a Persian cat at home, then you must know that shedding from these cats is a major issue. Their long hair can leave a mess in every part of your house, so you must know how to deal with it. Let’s find out how you can keep your house neat when you have pets.

Avail Professional Cleaning Services

One of the major issues that pet owners face is cleaning their pet’s poop. Most people are not comfortable doing the job, or sometimes the mess requires extensive cleaning. The best solution, in this case, you can consider is to get professional cleaning services.

Poop-cleaning issues can be a major concern, especially for dog owners. Therefore, to get rid of the issue, look for a reliable dog poop service in your city or state that can keep your space clean efficiently.

Professional cleaning companies have relevant expertise and experience that can get the job done for you by saving you effort and time. It can make the cleaning process hassle-free for you that can help you and your family live in a healthy and fresh environment. Consider your budget and needs while looking for professional cleaning services that will narrow down options for you.

Have Quality Cleaning Equipment

One of the best ways to keep your house clean if you have a pet is to buy high-quality cleaning equipment. It includes the latest vacuum cleaners and pressure cleaners that can help you clean the pesky hairs of pets.

You will require powerful suction and a good filter to clean the surfaces. Consider the type of flooring in your house before buying the cleaning equipment. It is important to clean your house daily if you have got a shedding pet.

Also, clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner regularly. If dirt and hair are blocked in the filter, then it can spread the pet hair everywhere in your house, wherever you vacuum.

Set Up a Separate Cleaning Station

To prevent a mess in your house, set up a separate cleaning station. Find a place in your house to build a cleaning station for pets where mud or dirt cannot enter your rooms.

You can set up a cleaning station near your laundry room or consider tweaking your entranceway. Ensure that you have a quality doormat at the entrance of all rooms that can prevent mud and dust from entering your rooms from your pets’ paws.

Clean your Pets Regularly

You must keep your pets clean if you want your house to remain neat. If your pet enjoys playing in the mud, chances are high that dirt will spread in your house. Therefore, you must give a bath to your pet frequently to avoid this issue.

You do not necessarily have to use pet shampoo; a quick wash down with clean water can do the job for you. Do not forget to dry your pet properly after giving a bath. Furthermore, consider de-shedding according to the pet’s breed. Consult a professional groomer in this regard for better insights.

You should also clean your pets’ toys and beds to prevent bad odors from spreading in the house. If your pet’s belongings are machine washable, it can save you energy and time. You can also use enzyme-based cleaner to clean your pet’s things. It will help to minimize the smells in the house.

Upgrade your Furniture

Outdated furniture acts like a hair magnet. If you have not upgraded beds or sofas for some time, then you must consider doing it. Old furniture can hold unpleasant odors, and even slight stains can appear visible on it.

While searching for new furniture, check its material and quality. For example, if you need a new sofa, then look for leather material so that there are fewer chances of pet hair sticking to it.

Prevent Bad Odor

One of the primary concerns for pet owners is the bad odor in the house. You can try different things to fight the bad odor. For example, a light spray of vodka on furniture can help you get rid of bad odors.

Another effective tool is baking soda which can neutralize odors. You can use it on carpets and doormats before vacuuming. Vinegar is also suggested to remove bad smells, and you can use it on your pet’s toys and bed. Keeping your windows open can also help you get rid of the bad odor and to let fresh air in. Using room sprays is also a good way to make your home smell amazing.

Keep an Easy-to-Clean Pet Bed

Cleaning a pet bed can be a hassle for pet owners. To avoid any difficulties, try to get something water­-resistant that can make cleaning easier for you. Cleaning the bed once a week is enough, and after cleaning it, keep the bed outside, so it can get some air.


It can be challenging to keep your house clean as a pet owner. You have to take the right measures according to your pet’s breed that can effectively keep your space neat. You can also consider consulting professional pet-friendly house cleaning services as per your budget and needs. You also have to focus on other factors like cleaning your pet regularly, preventing bad odor, and upgrading your furniture. It will help you to keep your home clean, which will positively impact the health of every living thing in the house.

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