4 ways to know you are getting the best Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink salt is the purest form of salt that has much more health benefits than other salts. The purity and the benefits lie in the ways through which we are getting Bulk Rock salt. Pure Himalayan Salt Bulk is different from another table salt. Even there is a difference in the salt that is mined from the foothills or Himalayan and the salt that comes out from the deep depths of the mine. There are different ways to judge the pure Pink Salt 4 are the best ways to know that you are getting the best Pink Salt.

Method of Mining of Salt.

Normally salt is mined by room and pillar method. Large pillars are made and then left to protect and support the mine. This is the best way to have Himalayan Salt Bulk in its original form without any impurity or outer ailments. 45 to 65 % salt extracted from the mine in this way is left in the forms of pillars to support the mine from collapsing. Metal drillers and grinders are used to mine salt then huge pieces of Bulk Rock Salt are brought out from the mine to factory by trucks or other vehicles. Whole method of mining is completely mainly handled by the laborers. And the complete procedure is free from any expulsion and other harmful and hazardous ways.

Perfect structure and 84 Trace minerals.

The purity of salt depends upon the perfect structure of the crystals and the 84 trace mineral that distinguish Himalayan Salt Bulk from ordinary table salt. Table salt has small undefined crystals and Pink Himalayan Salt has a proper crystallized formation by securing the 84 minerals in it.

These trace minerals are the specification of the Pure Bulk Rock Salt. Our body needs these minerals in a minor range but these are very important in the maintenance of our body. There are many ways to check the purity of Pure Rock Salt of the Himalayas. We can check it through the laboratory by testing the minerals in salt. A pure crystal of Salt have below range of Minerals in it.


Parameter Results
Sodium Chloride 98.6%
Calcium 0.03%
Magnesium 0.04%
Moisture 0.07%
Water Insoluble Matter 0.13%
Sulphate 0.34%


Knowledge of advantages of consuming Himalayan Pink salt.

If you want to have complete advantages of Pure Bulk Rock Salt and to validate your Pink salt, it is very important that you are well aware of the complete benefits and outcomes of it. Below are some of the major benefits that we get by using pure Himalayan Salt.

–     Helps to Control Blood Pressure.

–     Balance pH level of the body.

–     Support acid alkaline levels of the body.

–     A superb detoxifier

–     Clean and smoother intestines and cure constipation.

–     Rejuvenate and freshens our skin.

–     Remove dry skin cells.

–     Bless a properly functioning metabolism.

–     Support digestive system.

While using Rock salt you are getting these benefits it means you are consuming its original and best form.

Behavior with the minors.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is handily mined from the Mines of Himalayas. A skillful team is organized to do mining. Because it can be dangerous and even lead to death if mining is not designed in a proper way. Behavior with the minors is also a very important thing to concentrate on. They are the first ones who come in contact with this natural gift and are responsible to provide us Pure Rock Salt in its original form with all the above-mentioned qualities to bless us with all advantages.

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