What is pure water filter line?

Pure water is the term used to refer to drinking water that has only 2 components: oxygen and hydrogen. It also has the chemical formula H20. Pure water day chuyen loc nuoc tinh khiet has absolutely no ability to conduct electricity, freezing point is 0 and boiling point is 100. Purified water can be made from various water sources such as well water, tap water, groundwater, Clean water,…

This is a product born thanks to the development of science and technology. The line consists of many different parts and systems. And is a stable operation based on the close connection between the systems. Loc tong gia dinh With fast operation capacity, the line can produce from a few dozen to several hundred 1000-liter water bottles per hour on average.

1.2. Parts of pure water production line

The 1000l bottled purified water production line will include the following parts:

Multi-function filter column: responsible for handling alum, heavy metals, and organic compounds.

Treatment filter column: will perform the task of softening cation water by ion exchange method.

The fine filter will re-filter the residue after the above 2 coarse filter columns.

The intermediate pump has the function of pushing water from the intermediate tank through the R.O pump.

The intermediate filter is arranged right after the intermediate pump and before the R.O pump. It also has the main task of filtering dirt.

Pump R.O.

Electrical control system, electric float, electrical cabinet,…

R.O array.

The pump has the function of filling water into a jar or bottle.

Disinfectant ozone machine.

UV lamp.

Disinfectant filter.


1.3. Process of installing pure filtered water production system

The pure water production system is made quite simple. includes 5 specific steps as follows:

Step 1: Identify important information and parameters then ask for the support of a technician.

Step 2: Technical staff will conduct field survey and give accurate advice to customers.

Step 3: Research and come to a consensus to use the most appropriate chain.

Step 4: Technical staff install and execute.

Step 5: Check and evaluate the finished water source after installation.


Currently, pure water trading units all apply production lines with modern technology. When using new and modern production lines, the production process will take place more smoothly and better. Products created ensure quality according to food safety standards. The pure filtered water line system works based on the following 4 processes.

2.1. Raw processing system

This stage is also known as preprocessing. At this step, the water source (tap water or well water) after being collected will be pushed to the untreated tank. Next, depending on the operating capacity as well as consider whether the input water has any problems or not.

In the case of water contaminated with alum, residue, bad smell, bacteria, impurities, metal content in water is high. We need to customize the appropriate composite quantity and size.

Looking above this filter you will see the mechanical valve lock and the automatic valve. Often mechanical valves are chosen to be used more because they are easy to operate and repair when damaged. Especially the level of funding is more suitable than automatic valves.

The tank of regeneration solution contains 100 solutions, including 10% NaCl salt solution. It is mainly used for the filter column containing Resin particles to soften the water, so when operating the system will be regenerated. The check will be done 1 time per day.

Before being put into the bonding tank, will filter the residue in the water. As well as deodorizing completely clean with 3 filter cores. Only in this way can we ensure that the output quality meets the standards.


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