What Does PRTG Network Monitor Do?

PRTG Network Monitoris a network monitoring tool that lets you track your network devices and their performance. It can help you to identify issues with your network before they become problems and can help to optimize your network performance.

PRTG Network Monitor – An Overview

It is a useful tool for network administrators and engineers to troubleshoot network problems. It can be used to monitor both physical and virtual networks. It can monitor network devices like routers, switches, and servers. It can also monitor network services like DNS, DHCP, and HTTP. PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor and troubleshoot various network issues. Below are its main functionalities of it:

Main Functionalities

  • It provides real-time visibility into your network so you can identify and resolve issues before they impact your business. It has two main functions: monitoring and reporting.
  • Monitoring is the process of collecting data from your network devices and servers. This data generates reports that help you troubleshoot and optimize your network.
  • Reporting is creating and viewing reports based on the data collected by the monitoring process. Reports can be generated in real-time or scheduled for later viewing.

PRTG Monitor Network Benefits

With PRTG, you can monitor your network infrastructure, from routers and switches to servers and applications. PRTG comes with a wide range of built-in sensors that allow you to monitor all aspects of your network, and you can also create custom sensors to monitor specific parameters.

UVexplorer Server’s PRTG is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that must monitor their networks 24/7. It offers a wide range of features tailored to your specific needs. Here are the benefits of using PRTG Monitor:

PRTG can help you avoid network disruptions

With PRTG, you can monitor your network 24/7 and identify potential problems before they cause disruptions. PRTG can alert you if a sensor goes down or traffic on your network exceeds a certain threshold. This way, you can take action to prevent disruptions before they happen.

PRTG can help you save money

PRTG can help you save money by reducing the need for expensive downtime. With PRTG, you can monitor your network 24/7 and identify potential problems before they cause disruptions. This way, you can fix the problem before it causes downtime. PRTG can also help you troubleshoot problems quickly so that you can minimize the impact of disruptions.


We hope you have learned all the things about PRTG monitors for networks. PRTG monitors both your local and remote networks. PRTG network monitor can be used to monitor your Internet connection, your LAN, your WAN, your VPN, and your cloud infrastructure. It can also monitor your server, website, and email server.

Also, you can use it to monitor the traffic on your network, your servers’ performance, and your network’s uptime. It is a very popular tool and is used by many businesses. It is also very affordable and is available in a variety of different editions. If you manage a network, you know the importance of a reliable network monitoring system. With so many moving parts, keeping track of everything and ensuring everything runs smoothly can be challenging. That’s where the PRTG Monitor network comes in.

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